Waffles or Pancakes? Yes!

In human terms, you have to choose between the waffles and the pancakes. You can’t have both (at least, in my imaginary restaurant … just go with me here). We live an either/or existence of mutually exclusive decisions. Either an iPhone or an Android. Either a bowl cut or a flat top. And no matter how hard we try, two objects can’t be squeezed into the same spot. Your sofa and your chair both can’t fit under the window. One gets the dark corner.

Either/or … that’s us. And that’s what makes it so hard for some people to accept God.

Why? God works with both/and (or even both/and/and). Love or wrath? Yes. Grace or justice? Yes. Past, present, or future? Yes. One God or Trinity? Yes.

In fact, Jesus is the ultimate cosmic dissonance from our perspective. Is He God? Yes. Is He human? Yes. Which one? Both. That’s not something we can grasp from our everyday lives (where sofas and chairs need two distinct locations). One or the other might be easier for us to put into a tidy bin under our beds, but God doesn’t work with our tidiness.

Either/or makes sense for breakfast foods, but our experience under the sun doesn’t necessarily explain the fullness of what’s “out there.”

Food for thought.