ESCHATOLOGICAL Significance in Trump’s Supreme Court Pick

ESCHATOLOGICAL Significance in Trump’s Supreme Court Pick

We are in the midst of a historic moment for our country.

From the moment that Justice Anthony Kennedy announced his retirement from the Supreme Court, every news broadcast in America has been filled with questions about who his replacement will be.

 Two thousand years ago, the world deserved condemnation, judgment and everlasting destruction, but instead, God gave them—and us—a Savior.

Paul spoke to this when he wrote the book of Romans and penned these words that came right from the heart of God our Father. “Who is he who condemns? [does the work of a judge]? It is Christ who died, yes, who is risen, who is also at the right hand of God, who also intercedes for us” (Rom. 8:34).

History demonstrates that God often uses opposing concepts to highlight His magnificent love and power.

  • When a nation wanted a king, our God gave us a servant.
  • When people wanted a warrior, instead God gave us His child.
  • Humanity wanted a champion, but God gave us the cross.
  • We want titles, and God gives a testimony.

Does our society—in a nation that boasts multiple superstar judges, like Judge Judy, Judge Wapner and Judge Joe Brown, to name a few recognizable figures—really need more judgment than there already is, or do we just need more of the Spirit of the Savior? After all, it’s easy to judge, but it’s better to love.

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