"What Does This Church Have To Offer Me?"

One question that I receive as pastor that makes me cringe more than any other is when someone calls me or visits and asks, "What does this church have to to offer me?"  What bothers me is how prevalent this question and attitude is with people now days. It seems that most people really have no concept of what it means to be a Christian... to live a live of service to and for the Lord. Rather, they want to be stroked, entertained, have someone doting after them and begging them to stay. Very few are interested in helping to enlarge the Kingdom of God... to help build a kids church program, or youth program, or any other program for that matter. The don't want to be involved (read committed) to service... they want to be served. 

I was in HyVee today and saw probably 25-30 members of a church there bagging groceries as a fund raising project. I commented to my wife that no way, no how could we get that many people from our church willing to come out and give their time and energy to do that. It's not just my church... I know very few churches that could get that many adults to come out and volunteer their time to such a fund raising project. I hope people don't get mad at my saying that... but it is the truth. Most people are only going to do something or get involved in something if it benefits them personally. It is a problem in the church world today, across denominational lines as well as state lines.

I wonder... how fast would our churches grow if just 10-20 people took serious the command to "go ye therefore"?  I promise you that just about any pastor you talk to would say that he wished he had even 5 or 6 people that would ask, "what can I do?" rather than "what are you going to do for me?"