What faults do you see most critics make when confronting…

What faults do you see most critics make when confronting Christianity? What faults do you see most Christians make when confronting skeptics ?
From my experience with skeptics its been :
1) Misinterpretation of scripture.
2) Caricaturing of scripture.
3) Biased examination of scripture due to unacknowledged philosophical presuppositions.
4) Not acknowledging their burden of proof.
5) Overconfidence.
While for Christians:
1) Lack of knowledge or understanding of important objections.
2) Relying only on scripture when in a conversation with someone who doesn’t believe in its inspiration.
3) Following aimless conversations with extreme skeptics.
4)Ending up arguing between themselves.
5) Overconfidence.

What do you think we can do as Christians to improve and become more successful at bringing people to Christ ?

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