What’s the definition of Biblical grace according to the Greek…

What’s the definition of Biblical grace according to the Greek language and scripture?

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  1. Now that is a debate. Galatians is particularly difficult and there are many things we do not know based on how we believe the article is used and how it changes the subject. For example are we saved by our faith or the faith of Jesus? Different Bible translations render it differently so depending on the Bible you’re reading, we can grace very different views on faith and salvation. The same is true with grace. Because of this it is quite possible to believe in a works based grace and still maintain the concept of Biblical Christianity

  2. Favor. Love Other understanxings were developed around it by Scriptural uses of the word.

  3. Mercy is God refraining to levy what we deserve because of sin while grace is God’s bestowal of the life we don’t deserve

  4. Before we identify the definition of Grace, let’s talk about Forgiveness and Justice first



    I own a bike and it was stole by someone.

    But you caught him. but instead of putting him on a jail you just forgave him and let him free (That is forgiveness)

    Same scenario for Justice

    You caught him but you put it on a jail

    because he deserve to be jailed (That’s Justice)

    Same scenario for Grace

    You caught him but instead of putting him on a jail you let him go and give your bike as well.

    Same scenario for God’s love

    We are qualified to be jailed for our sin but not only God Let us free but also gives us eternal life to whom who believes on him

  5. In the Greek it is Charisma, Gods define influence upon the heart and it’s reflection in your life

    Grace is a gift, it’s Gods power and Favor

  6. Charisma is deliverance from danger or passion, like lust. Again it’s a Gift from God to His Saints, Gods chosen…

  7. It’s by Gods Grace that we walk as Jesus did, sinless, we could never do this without His Grace

  8. Grace: The Greek word for “grace” is equivalent to the Hebrew word “chested” meaning “loving kindness” which describes God’s character. (Reference Psalm 36:7; 89:33). In the New Testament the word “charis” usually means divine favor or goodwill; it also means “that which gives joy and that which is a free gift. Paul used “grace” to describe God’s free gift of salvation, and Peter used it as well (Acts 15:11).

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