What’s Your Reason For Being A Christian

It's been one of those days that I have not really gotten much done, but that's OK. I've had a steady parade of folks stopping into the office just to chat. I'm not complaining... in fact, I've enjoyed it. Every now and then it's nice to have some time to just catch up with folks. Anyway, just a few minutes ago someone stopped in for few minutes and they asked me what my reason for being a Christian was. The question kind of caught me off guard at first, and they asked me, "Is it so you don't go to Hell, or is there more too it than that?" You know, that really is a good question. I wonder, if people were honest, how they would answer that question. I'd dare say that the vast majority of folks would either say that their reason was to not go to Hell, or conversely, so that they could go to Heaven. My response really floored the person asking me.  I told them that if there was no Heaven nor Hell, I'd still be a follower of Jesus, that the life I have found in serving Him is reward enough for me.  That gave me a great opportunity to share my faith and how it helps guide and shape my life each and every day. That peaked their interest and I now have an appointment with them tomorrow to discuss this further. 

So, how about asking yourself that question: "What is your reason for being a Christian?"