When I look at the sun and the sea I…

When I look at the sun and the sea I marvel at both their beauty…. and I look at the stars that shine only His majesty comes to my mind. The sky with it’s clouds the thunder so loud, and a sunset more beautiful each time. Theres the rainbow reminding me when I see… destruction by flood again never will be…the birds that fly and sing to the sky and all this was created for me….a baby so precious so small and the pine tree well scented plus tall…the mountains and hills fish breathing through gills… prefection so clear through it all. GOD with His amazing touch.. created all this because He loves us so much… but imagine all this will disappear in a mist to get ready for what’s in store for us. His word has promised its true, all of this is no comparison to….what He has in store when we walk through that door will be more amazing (and heart-racing) times two. To think God created all this, delivered and sealed with a kiss, I can’t wait to see what’s in store for me….a revelation, a sensation…..A don’t miss!

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