Roman Catholicism claims to be Apostolic in origin and practice….

Roman Catholicism claims to be Apostolic in origin and practice. They earnestly contend that all of their Canon laws both written and unwritten has it’s origin directly and indirectly with the teachings and practices of first century Christianity under the Apostolic supervision. The dogma of Transubstantiation was officially declared to be and article of faith at the fourth Lateran Council under Pope Innocence the the third in the year 1215.Transubstantiation is this doctrine that teaches when the mass is performed by the Priest on the altar the wafer host and the wine is actually change or converted into the actual body, blood soul and Divinity of the Lord Jesus.The question is prior to the convening of this Council and the subsequent sanction of such an unscriptural dogma did the Apostles and the church fathers of the first 3 centuries of the christian faith taught that transubstantiation was an essential article and practice of the Christian faith?. Off all the abominable unscriptural teachings of Roman Catholicism this is the most blasphemous. What amount of special grace could be given to mortal men the ability to hurl the sovereign Lord from His throne in Heaven to be Divinely present in the wafer host and wine.

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