"Who Are We Becoming?" The Five Core Values of MCOG

Who are we becoming?
That’s a question that we need to constantly ask of ourselves, both personally and as a church body. From generation to generation if a church doesn’t look within themselves to answer this question in both new and old ways then it will eventually wither and die.
Knowing who it is that you are becoming gives your life purpose.
There was a girl who recently began attending college. While there, she met a guy who really wanted her to start going out with him. But this guy had a bad reputation, both in how he treated girls and in what he wanted from them. Finally the girl looked him in the eyes, and with passion and finality in her voice she declared, “I know where I want to go in life. And you will nothelp me get there.”
Core values show us who we’re becoming. Like God’s Word (especially when they come from God’s Word) they are a light unto our path.

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