Why is the Simplicity of the Righteousness of (Christ)Yeshua So…

Why is the Simplicity of the Righteousness of (Christ)Yeshua

So complicated?

or Hidden Purposely?

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  1. Most people say, ‘we have the ”’righteousness of Christ”’ , but they don’t know what His ‘righteousness’ is. It’s as though ‘His righteousness’ is just a ‘saying’. So, I’m asking ‘what is His righteousness?

  2. But we are all as an unclean thing, and all our righteousnesses are as filthy rags; and we all do fade as a leaf; and our iniquities, like the wind, have taken us away.
    Isaiah 64:6

  3. It is “hidden” because people can’t bear to hear God’s voice. Remember what took place at the foot of Mt. Sinai. When God begins to speak to the Hebrews, they asked him to stop because it was way to much for them to bear. And from that point onward, they had to have a middle-man communicate for them, in place of them. The esoteric law is an example of God’s hidden language. The further one is from God and the ability to understand him, the more complicated laws they will SEEMINGLY have to contend with. The Sinai account in the scriptures is an allegorical portrayal of your own life, and everyone else’s too.

    Jesus too speaks in a cloaked language, just as Isiah spoke of too. People will forever “hear, but hear not, and see but see not” what the Law says and the scriptures in general. God doesn’t give his pearls to dogs who refuse to seek the truth in themselves. How rare is it for a supposed bible believer to Seek the kingdom within themselves. They are usually too bizzy in believing what their own mind and preacher tells them (middle-men).

  4. To reveal for others to understand: The Fruit of the Spirit is useless if no Spirit. His righteousness is useless for us if we don’t know what it is. The Spirit, spoken by Yeshua is given ‘if’ : ” IF you LOVE Me, keep My commandments and I will pray/ask the Father to send you a Helper, the “SPIRIT” of Truth, which the world(ly) can’t have.” John 14;15-17 (Yeshua/Messiah is speaking of His own people, Gentiles were automatically of the world)

  5. The Fruit of the Spirit is auto-obeying His commandments, they are of LOVE… and Satan wants you to trample on the Father’s commandments. Check out the 10 and see which one the ‘churches’ go against!

  6. why do you think it is hidden? Perhaps not all understand. Righteousness comes from Jesus , not us. We are ‘Covered’ with His robe of righteousness when we put faith in Him.

  7. >>>Problem is humans have free will to accept or reject God, period ! For this reason, many prefer the broadway to hell, but onliy the remnant choose the narrow way to heaven, period ! This is very true but very sad, indeed !

  8. Lorna Taitano YOU hit the button, but don’t know it! So, what is His robe of righteousness He covers us with when we claim faith and Love for Him?

  9. If you form a personal relationship with Jesus then from knowing and receiving His love we then in turn will be able to love. As an obedient child can obey out of fear or out of wanting to please their father because of his close relationship and intense love. We will then be able to Love others without effort. All the commandment are covered by Loving one another. If you dont have love you have nothing. Blessings ❤

  10. “IF” you LOVE Me, Keep My commandments… the Father will send you His Helper/the Spirit of TRUTH which the world(ly Christians and Catholics) can’t receive! John 14:15-17 Did His Words of LOVE mean anything? or does LOVE mean to walk in the ways we feel like? Like Rome’s Sunday False Sabbath/their ‘mark’ on earth!

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