Yeah, That Might Explain It

I'm really fighting a head and chest cold right now, and do not feel good at all. Yesterday, by daughter had auditions at SIU-Edwardsville for the choir and band, and she really needed me to take her. As I was getting dressed, I told my wife that if it were not for my baby girl needing me then I would be going back to bed for the day. I just felt awful.  So, I get ready and I'm drinking coffee and popped some vitamins and other herbal stuff to try to give myself a shot in the arm. I decided I was going to need to take some Dayquil  pills to make it. As I was getting them out, Ashley called me needing me to help her with something. (I really don't remember what it was, doesn't matter.)  After I was finished with her, I came back to the dining room table where I had laid the medicine and took two pills and stuck two more in my pocket for later in the day, since I knew we would be gone all day.

Later, as we were driving down, I was really feeling rough, and getting more and more tired. I finally stopped so that I could get out and walk a bit and get a soda to try to pick me up a bit. I did feel a bit better, as far as the being tired went, but I just kept feeling worse. After Ashley's auditions, we took one of the young men from our church who attends SIU-E out for a quick bite to eat and then was going to head home. After eating, I took the other two pills, and I did feel a bit of relief, but I just kept getting more and more tired. Finally, I was getting so fuzzy in my thinking that I told my wife she was going to have to drive. Now if you, know me, THAT's bad. I just don't let anyone else drive, unless there is no other alternative. 
A little while later, Libby was trying to wake me up to ask me something, and I did get up, but I was just out of it. She said she tried several times to wake me up and I was just non-responsive.  I did drive the rest of the way, but I was so tired I could hardly keep my eyes open. We stopped and picked some things up for the church at Sam's in Peoria and then ate dinner. I was more awake by then and drove on home. When I got home, I checked my email and Facebook, and being that I was really wiped out, decided I was going to go to be early (by my terms, anyway), and went in to take some Nyquil.  When I opened the box, it hit me what I had done. When I came back after helping Ashley in the moring, I picked up the wrong box and I had taken 2 Nyquil in the morning and 2 more in the afternoon... 
Might explain why I as so out of it and tired!  
Thank you Jesus for watching over me in the time of my brain farts!