You’re Invited to Wait

I hate waiting because I can’t see. Even standing on my tiptoes, trying to figure out what God’s doing, I can’t always catch glimpses of the changes He’s causing. I’m blinded by my condition—my stuck-in-the-present focus on life. I see what’s now; He sees what’s later. The difference is huge.

So, I get upset. And the whole time I’m missing the point.

Waiting on God isn’t inaction. He doesn’t usually call us to sit on our haunches and let the world spin away around us. He calls us to “in-action”—that is, reflecting inwardly on what’s going on. Sometimes, He has to force us to wait because we wouldn’t reflect on our lives if He didn’t. We don’t want to see the messes we make. So, He slows us down, points the messes out, and then—to top it off—fixes them with grace.

Waiting is an invitation to let God transform us from where we are to being more like Christ. He sees the present and the future—He knows where we’re going. We don’t, and we don’t need to. When we wait, He takes care of that.

Now, knowing that won’t make waiting easier, but it could make it more fruitful.