2012 News from Perry Stone

2012 News from Perry Stone

January 2012
  Voice of Evangelism-Perry Stone Ministries
Are You Ready for 2012? 


Greetings in Christ name, and a Happy New Year to each of you! We have now arrived at the much anticipated year of 2012! 


Oddly, for the past two weeks, I have received the greatest "download of prophetic and practical insight" that I have encountered in 35 years of ministry. This indicates to me much cosmic activity in both the angelic and demonic spirit world, as God is pre-releasing a "word in season" for the entire Body of Christ.


Here at VOE, we have not slowed down or looked back. We are moving full speed ahead with The Extreme Youth Ministry on Tuesday nights, the Fire Night Prayer Meetings on Thursday nights; the construction of Omega Center International, planning Reformation Weekend and the main conferences for 2012!  


In just a few weeks, the most significant resource of my 35 years of ministry will be available to you. It is 3 solid years of analysis and spiritual investigation publically released on seven DVD totaling 14 hours of teaching on the book of Revelation! Our television editors, have worked non-stop for 8 months inserting graphics to make this series one of the most enlightening series on prophecy ever viewed. It secures thousands of hours of study and scrutiny by using word studies, ancient temple secrets, prophetic patterns and historical insight to unlock even the more difficult interpretations of Revelation. I have left nostone unturned to unearth the nuggets of prophecy for the time of the end in this series. You will see this offer on Manna-Fest at the end of January when we begin to air the 18 NEW ISRAEL PROGRAMS!! This is the most concise and exhaustive study I have ever completed and you can benefit greatly from the knowledge therein. No pre-orders are available, but you can order when it becomes available on the Manna-Fest program!


A few things to watch for include: The book, Dancing with Snowmen, which will not be released until next fall as there is more teaching to be chiseled out. Also, on January 26th I will host the first "LIVE WEBCAST" for 2012 at 7:00 p.m. This can be viewed LIVE from our website at www.perrystone.org on that evening, so plan to tune in and join us! Questions can be submitted by email to webcast@voe.org and I will be responding to as many as possible on that evening.   


I do wish to thank each of you that have sent in a special offering to assist us with Omega Ranch which is the biggest assignment the Lord has ever given me. Also, I have completed the Old Testament commentary for the Study Bible and am now in depth in the Gospel of Matthew.


Thank you for your intercession and asking God for His grace in this matter. I humbly request your prayers and continual support for 2012, as this will be the most important year of foundational work and reaching the lost, in the history of the VOE ministry. I hope you can attend one or several of the main conferences in 2012. I will be covering the book of Daniel at both Griffin and Grandville conferences and will release plans for the remaining meetings as the Lord directs. We are planning and preparing to minister in 2012 stronger than ever before!!


P.S. Many of you have enjoyed attending the Prophetic Summits in Cleveland. I have cancelled the MentoringInstitute for Ministry in April and instead plan for a 2012 Prophetic Summit in which I will feature an Election Alert, along with a special question and answers session, a book signing and photo moment, and much more. See more information about this event on the web site itinerary coming in April. (April 26th-April 29th)



Blessings to you,


Voice of Evangelism
Perry Stone Ministries