2012 Running list

In order for me to run regularly, I need the motivation that I’m going to have a time posted for the world to see online as the result of my running a race. So…I’m trying to keep races at regular intervals, no more than 6 weeks apart!

Here’s the first draft of races I’ll be running in 2012

1/6-7 RAGNAR Miami-Key West —DONE

2/25   Scenic City Half Marathon, Chattanooga, TN—DONE

3/31   Run For the Roses 5k, Cleveland, TN—DONE

4/28   Derby Mini Marathon, Louisville, KY

5/19   Scenic City Trail Half Marathon, Chattanooga, TN

6/16   Riverbend Run, Chattanooga, TN

10/6   Rock Creek Stump Jump 50k, Chattanooga, TN

10/21  Bridges Half Marathon, Chattanooga, TN

11/9-10 Ragnar Tennessee, Chattanooga to Nashville

May yet add a few and or remove a couple of these, depending on how my body responds…

Where are you running this year?

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