28. I am thankful for INTEGRITY…

INTEGRITY is defined as "wholeness; uprightness; honesty or soundness of moral principles and character." That pretty much sums it up, huh?

Well, not exactly. I agree completely with the definition as rendered. Last night, I had the great blessing of three different people (who don't know each other) remind me of my obligation (before both God and humanity) to be a man of integrity. These three people challenged me to "be what I say I am" and to "live as I claim to live" not bringing a reproach on the worthy name of Christ.

I am thankful for all three of these people. I am SO GRATEFUL for all three of them, because I know the LORD sent them to me last evening. It was GOD--the ultimate Example and Definer of integrity--who caused them to contact me, reminding me that I must "walk worthy."

I've not always walked worthy...and that is a story in itself. But suffice it to say, that I was reminded last evening, on Father's Day, by my Heavenly Father, to be a man of integrity.

I needed these reminders. I'm thankful for them.