A Praise for the Praise Band

Our praise band rocks. God has allowed Life Pointe to be tapped into the most amazing musicians and vocals in Charlotte County.
I remember a few months ago, we were struggling with just pretty much a "one man band." now, that was great for that season we were in and the people involved done an excellent job, but we are moving up into a full scale worship band...and I'm stoked.
We recently brought on Joel Burritt to lead our worship with an acoustic guitar. I was overwhelmed with his ability to belt the praises of the most hight and play that guitar like it's nobody's business; but, I think his greater gift is the ability to organize a full worship band and lead an entire congregation into the presence of God. I believe our worship is epic in proportion!
Joel is an awesome leader, but it takes more to be great than just one person. It takes a team! Joel is surrounded with a great team of vocals and musicians.
Joe, Nancy, Sheri, Aaron, Melanie, and Mike you guys are one of a kind. I mean that from the bottom of my heart. you've been patient and faithful. and, it takes every one of you to make this a TEAM.