A Public Clarification and Apology to Lee University Greek Clubs.

It is obvious that my articles have caused a stir in the Greek community at Lee.

This has resulted in a lot of misquotes, misunderstandings and general personal attacks. Thus, this article is intended to clarify the intentions behind my articles, and to publicly apologize for hurt feelings and personal attacks, whether intended or not.

It's true, I don't agree with everything Greek clubs do. I don't agree with everything Greek club members do. I don't appreciate the attitudes of some Greek club members. I don't even necessarily accept the idea of a Greek club based on the oddity of an exclusive Christian club.

These, however, are all ideas, as opposed to people.

One of the logical informal fallacies is called "ad hominem, form of abuse." This is the fallacy in which one personally attacks a person, as opposed to breaking down an idea, an action or an argument. Any kind of personal attack such as this one is to be disregarded in logical argumentation. Let's use the DZT "Hook-Up" deal as an example.

My point in that article was that the name of the event "The Hook-Up" had a sexual connotation which cast a negative light on their event. Unfortunately, with the commenting storm that ensued, meanings got lost amongst a sea of hateful remarks and personal attacks.

If I had personally attacked a member of DZT for naming the event, or for any other reason, my argument must be more closely scrutinized, without the personal attacks. My argument could still be valid, as the presence of an informal fallacy does not make an argument incorrect. But even if my argument still holds up, it's generally bad argumentation to attack others.

Thus, my goal with the DZT article, or any other articles I write, is to provide statements of truth and to confront ideas and arguments, not to attack people. I get along just fine with most Greek club members as people, and I don't think that being in a Greek club makes you a horrible person.

That's the clarification.

Now for the apology.

I'm not out to attack Greek club members. I'm not out to discredit someone just because they're in a Greek club. I'm aiming to share opinions on actions and arguments, especially when I feel that someone is being wronged or hurt.

If, in the course of your personal interactions with me, you have felt slighted by me for personally attacking you as a Greek club member or your club as a whole, I apologize right now, publicly. This is not my goal. I am sorry if this has been the case for you.

I ask that you respond to me and tell me how I might have slighted you, so that I may watch out for it in the future. These comments may or may not be publicly posted at my discretion, for the sake of privacy. If you ask me not to publish a comment, I will not publish it.