Church of God General Assembly 2018 Agenda: Actualization of a Global Context of Ministry

Church of God General Assembly 2018 Agenda: Actualization of a Global Context of Ministry

RATIONALE: The Church of God identifies itself as an international church in its scope, operation, and ministry (page 45, International General Assembly Minutes of the 76th International General Assembly). For this to be more than just words, we must practically contextualize this concept. The gifts of the Spirit and their operation in the church are not limited by national boundaries or cultural distinctions and neither should our ministries.

This motion seeks to task the International Executive Council with the responsibility of actualizing a global context of ministry. First, since the Council has international representatives, this Council is uniquely qualified to discuss and to address the needs and challenges of the international community. Second, the Council controls and sets the budget parameters for the varying departments and ministries of the church. Third, the Council has the authority to direct the church’s ministries to intentionally design their resources and ministries with a global context in mind.

We recommend:
That we amend page 69, S5. International Executive
Council, III. Duties and Authorities, by adding the
following as item 15:
15. The International Executive Council is tasked with the
responsibility of actualizing a global context of ministry to
include, but not limited to, enhancing the availability of
language-specific resources; recognition and utilization of
international leaders during general church events,
refining programs, methods, and systems to reflect the
international nature of the church; and challenging the
church to think globally.

1.      Is this measure proportional to the international growth of the Church of God?

2.      Does the item allow for hearing of congregations at the periphery of the denomination?

3.      Does the measure compliment or contradict other agenda items on international ministry awareness and denominational growth?


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