Fridays at Lee: A Response.

Fridays at Lee. It was referenced previously, and as a whole has become a very profane ad hominem attack on all things and people Lee University.

I have remained silent on this blog thus far because, simply, I don't care. I'm not particularly offended by their attacks for one specific reason: their ad hominem attacks are not only false, but are below offense.

The goal of Wordsmitherd is to provide my viewpoints and to help point out when things are wrong. The goal of Fridays at Lee thus far has been to ad hominem attack everyone and everything. Their attacks are below reproach and not worth getting angry over.

An open letter to Fridays at Lee, and all other people who are slitting throats and stabbing backs over Internet comments:

All this politickin' and infighting garbage has to stop. It is not getting anything done. Your goal as Christians, or just as moral people, is to build each other up and look out for each other. I was trying to help DZT's reputation by pointing out the issue with the name of "The Hook-Up." Sure, I may have been a little jerkish about it to begin with, but I have since apologized for my brashness.

All that sites like Fridays at Lee have done is put proverbial knives in the hands of Lee University students, for backs and throats alike. This isn't accomplishing ANYTHING, and it needs to stop.