America’s Prophet Has Passed Away


We were conducting the “Mentoring Institute” in Cleveland, Tennessee at the T.L. Lowery Global Foundation Center. There were heavy storms on that opening night. We actually stopped teaching and called the 220 mentees to the altar to pray and ask God to split the storms like the Red Sea so that there would be no death or damage at the Global Center or at the VOE office. People began praying for protection and Mark Casto led in an aggressive prayer. Hail began to fall the size of quarters and the sirens went off. God was merciful as the Global Center and VOE were spared. Later we learned that a deadly series of six tornados struck the community in South Cleveland and approximately 2 to 3 miles from the VOE offices.

Just before praying, a woman stood and said, “I have just received a text that David Wilkerson has been killed in an accident in Texas!”


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