I am not really sure what is different this Christmas, but I am so full of anticipation for the new year.

In 2010, we have seen a near lawsuit changed into a righted situation, suzanne’s successful surgery, my sciatic nerve issue resolved, my father get well after brain surgeries, seen a homeless friend find housing, us move into a new neighborhood, the extreme kindness of new friends, the wreck of my four day old car, a triple shooting two doors down from us with no one seriously hurt, the joy of having a really great supervisor for the first time in 5 years, our 10th anniversary, a great vacation to Niagara Falls, and so much more.

I anticipate more this year, because God is more with us or at least I am more aware of him.

With my background of leading and being on staff at churches, I really think I lost sight of God. God became a metric oriented being to me. God became a way for me to put my opinion on others and be respected for it, yet my life reflected more of the enemy. I avoided spending time with people who I could build friendships with by keeping myself so busy.

I have had one year today to think about who I am in Christ, and this year has made a radical difference. My anticipation came from the hope that all I learned this year can be more put into practice in 2011.

May it be a year to remember as the year that I disappeared and Jesus stepped into my place.
May it be the year that my hope, joy, and talents be shown through from God’s giving hand not my abilities.
May it be the year that I lose the weight, become a parent, and mentor/be mentored more.
May it be the year my loved ones really feel God’s love permeate through me,
May I move on from the past and not look back…ever.