Second national workshop

Complete the second national meeting of the American Kapelanska Association. Delegates from all the regions of the Organization gathered the Bakadzhik peak (near Yambol) for an urgent discussion on the situation and the adoption of a strategy for the further development of the Association. Among the regular members and guests were representatives of Pentecostal konfesii, Orthodox Church, independent ecclesiastical societies, Christian missions and ministries.

The meeting began with a report of the Board of Directors for the State of the Association, in which were presented details of its registration in the Sofia City Court during the month of February on the agenda was discussed the new statutes of the Association and the adoption of natural and legal persons for regular membership. Examined were the partner relationships with NATO and kapelanskite departments of the army of the United States, the strategy for the work of the Government and Church levels and links with international human rights organizations. In conclusion, the delegates adopted a plan for the introduction of the kapelansko training on a regular basis with the assistance of the centres for spiritual education and enlightenment acting in the territory of the Republic of Bulgarian.

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