Attention everyone: Nobody in the OSAS crowd believes God “looks…

Attention everyone:
Nobody in the OSAS crowd believes God “looks upon our sin with a laugh and a grand-fatherly wink”! -as i saw someone suggest in another thread yesterday.

Sin carries a thousand consequences. We simply believe the loss of salvation ISN’T one of them!

Depending on the sin, you can lose your job, lose your health, lose your marriage, lose friends, lose your relationship with your kids, get kicked out of your church, get sick, get injured, get fined, get thrown in prison, go bankrupt, DIE! If multiple writers of the New Testament said we have the ability to “store up for ourselves treasures in heaven” then it LOGICALLY follows that we can also LOSE treasures in heaven. It also affects your walk with God and directly impacts your influence and legacy here on earth, and it can also make you an ineffective witness to the rest of the world. Those are all CONSEQUENCES OF SIN!

Stop saying the OSAS camp gives people a license to sin. It’s exactly the opposite.

Answer this. Which option is better?
A. Making abortion illegal across the world.
B. Changing the hearts of all humanity so the world no longer WANTS to get any abortions.

If you didn’t pick B, then you’ve misunderstood the Bible. God’s desire has ALWAYS been option B. He invoked option A for 1800 years starting with Moses, and He eventually divorced the people under option A, and took a new bride called “the Church”. The Church who was supposed to understand option B through the cross!

OSAS doesn’t give people a license to sin. OSAS overwhelms the heart of the believer to change them into something better! To know that God will never leave us nor forsake us… to know that NOTHING can separate us from the love of God… to know that we shall never perish…. to KNOW beyond a shadow of a doubt that we have eternal life through Christ…. Give me ANY OSAS believer who understands the cross, and put them next to ANY OSAS-denier. I dare say that the OSAS believer is TEN TIMES more likely to actually overcome their flesh because they WANT to avoid sin out of the overflow of their heart because of the gratitude they have from the overwhelming grace they experience. In the mean time the motivation for the OSAS-denier to avoid sin is simply “because they’re supposed to!”

At the end of the day Jesus has already served your “eternal sentence”, so you CAN’T be required to serve that sentence again if you’re a believer. To say otherwise is to demean and belittle the suffering Jesus went through that day, and render his suffering and sacrifice insufficient.

Nobody can produce from scripture a single person who gets their salvation revoked after the resurrection.

If you disagree with this post, that’s your choice. But you’ll have to explain these…

Mark 16.15-16
Luke 7.36-50
Luke 15.11-32
John 3.16
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Revelation 22.17

Once saved always saved IS THE GOSPEL!

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