Biblical Scholar and Theologian

Biblical Scholar and Theologian

Dear William

I’m not sure what an official historian is.

But I studied history for my first degree in Cambridge and achieved (I was told) the best result in my year. I was taught by such eminent historians as Geoffrey Elton and A. H. M. Jones. I then studied for a PhD in Cambridge. Again, this was in the History faculty. My dissertation was on “The Career and Thought of Dr William Fulke (1537-1589),” who was a Cambridge academic and theologians. My examiners, who praised the dissertation highly were Christopher Hill and Claire Cross, both well known historians of that period. I then held a Research Fellowship at St John’s College, Cambridge, for three years. The competition for the small number of such fellowships is intense, and again I was awarded it on the basis of my historical work on sixteenth-century history.

That certainly makes me a professional historian, and I have always been conscious of using my excellent historical training in my work on the New Testament.

best wishes

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Message: Hello Sir, I’m reading your book Jesus and the Eyewitnesses, love it very readable. The reason I’m contacting you is in a conversation on a atheistic FaceBook site I brought up your book and was told in very many ways that you were not an “official historian” so I looked up your credentials and couldn’t tell if you were or not. Thank you for taking the time to read this and may our Triune God continue to use you both to reach the lost and educate the flock.

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Biblical Scholar and Theologian

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