Bulgarian Study New Testament

Bulgarian NTWe are truly blessed to introduce for the first time the Bulgarian Study New Testament. The text is specifically designed and printed for Bulgarian immigrant churches outside of Bulgaria and specifically for the Goodwin need of Bibles, study guides and leadership literature among the Bulgarian Churches in North America. This first edition contains:

Revised protestant Bible History of the New Testament texts
The Story of the Bulgarian Bible
Harmony of the Gospels
Prologue to each book
How can I be saved?
What the Bible says about…
Holy Spirit in the life of the believer
Prayer Devotions
Praise and Worship Lessons
Role of the Church in the world
Theology in contrasts
Names and titles of Jesus Christ
Messianic Prophecies Fulfilled
The miracles of Jesus
The proverbs of the Lord
Model and use of the Tabernacle
Maps of Biblical places
Plan of the Last days and the Book of Revelation

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