COPIED: THE SECRET OF LONG LIFE Someone asked me, “Rev…

COPIED: THE SECRET OF LONG LIFE Someone asked me, “Rev…


Someone asked me, “Rev why are lots of youths
dying anyhow in this generation? It has never been this bad. Go to the villages, old people at 80 and beyond are still kicking, and every weekend our young men and women in their 20s, 30s and 40s are carried home in caskets for burial. What went wrong pastor?” I replied after a minute of observing his curious face eagerly awaiting answers. Here’s what I said, “Young man, open your note book, take up your pen and write these down. The secrete of long life is simple yet difficult for many to obey. I’d share with you a few that I know and apply.”

1. Son, no matter what happens never insult,
disrespect, or beat up an elder. It is an ancient
secrete for enjoying length of days.
2. Never grieve, dishonour, speak against or
persecute men of God in any form whatsoever. You
see, every man of God bears a cross or series of
cross. It is not sweet to carry it, so please don’t
add to it. Pray for them instead of judge them. God is the only judge of His elect. The anointing on every man of God is a yoke breaker. If you honour them it will be well with you and you will live long on the earth. Your generation think they know better than the bible that says so, Ok!
3. Never fight, beat or insult your parents. Respectvand honour them and you’d live long. In Africa today children spit and drag their parents on the 0floor. You just dug your 6 feet if you do that.
4. Never bear false witness. Speak the truth when called upon to testify over a case involving an innocent man in court.
5. Never take bribe. Every money you take as bribe
becomes accursed in your hands. Bribe when spent
on you and your children is a big bone neither you
or your children can swallow. You will suffer the consequences so also your children.
6. Never shed innocent blood. Taking the life of
another will cut your own life short. I promise you.
7. Never enter a covenant with the devil. Make
money legitimately. Work hard. Do a descent
business and give it time to grow. The patient dog
still eats the fattest bone. Unfortunately young
people think patience is absurd. There’s dignity in
labour. The quest for sudden riches has made many sell their souls to the devil. Not many have lived long enough to enjoy the ill-gotten wealth.
8. Avoid the path of covetousness and greed. Don’t cheat or undo your fellow man in any way thinkable because you want to rise high. Don’t sell chalk for drugs. Don’t scam or defraud. Don’t take that which belongs to another. Crime will steal your cream.
9. Do justice to the poor and less privileged if it lies in your power. Never be a party to oppressing
10. Run away from flirty living. Stir clear evil
company. Be decent and modest in your lifestyle.
Discipline is an ancient law for successful living.
Some enjoyment can end your joy in a moment.
The path of discipline is the path of pain that leads
to gain.
11. Remember your creator in the days of your
youth before the evil day comes. Stay stuck in God.
The riskiest venture in life is living without Christ.
I’m yet to know anything else much riskier. Many
youths of this days think serving God is old
fashioned, that’s why many of them are not
fashioned to grow old.
12. Let every youth apply all these rules and our
society will be better than the days of our fore


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