Today, the American church has completely emasculated the American man. He is asked to check his manhood at the door of most churches. He is required to worship in a church building that looks like it was decorated by Home Interior. He walks down turquoise aisles to sit on mauve padded pews. He’s forced to look up to a stage covered with nice pinks, yellows and greens and flowers all around. He’s supposed to dress like those “Queer Eye” guys got ahold of him, and has to listen to a message that absolutely forbids him to be the wild and courageous WARRIOR that God created him to be. As a result, men are outnumbered by women in most churches by a margin of 2 to 1.

This Father’s Day we begin a series at Daystar designed to restore masculinity back to the Church that was founded by the most wildly masculine WARRIOR ever…Jesus Christ!