Do You See That?

Has anyone told you to look at something off in the distance?  They are pointing in that direction and describing it with their words.  You try to find it based on their guidance. However you can't see what they see.  Maybe at some point, they will give more obvious reference points like see that building, or that sign, or that light, etc.  Those are not the intended targets but they are just guideposts to get you to your final destination.  You find those guideposts, then your friend give another step towards that "thing" you both are trying to see at the same time.  Slowly you are working your way toward that "thing" via many buildings, moving objects, "guideposts"! Finally, your eyes get to the final destination and are now able to see with others the same thing.

Psalms 123 is the final destination.  Starting with Psalms 120, the first guidepost, the next few Psalms guide us towards Psalms 123.  The writer tell us to first CALL on the name of the Lord in our distress.  Then their eyes are lifted to the HILLS for help assuming He resides on Mt. Zion.  Then their eyes went with them to the HOUSE of the Lord.  Then finally in Psalm 123 the writer's eyes look to the LORD GOD Himself.  Not the mountains or the house of God, but to God Himself.

How many times have we looked to people, brothers and sisters in Christ, our pastors, our small group leaders, our ministry leaders, our spouses or children for help?  How many times have we gotten so desperate we decide to drop in at the church down the block one Sunday?  How many time have we turned to things that could host God or have a connection to God as a last resort?

Today, in the middle of your last resort, I encourage you to turn and fix your eyes on Jesus.  Look to Him alone.  People and things will fail or may last for a season, but Jesus never fails and His love and mercy is everlasting.  In Hebrews chapter 12, it reminds us to throw off every care, weight, sin, burden that holds us back.  It challenges us to run your race with perseverance.

If you have still not set your eyes on the "final destination" that people or God has been trying to get you to see, today make a dedicated decision to fix your eyes on Jesus Himself.  All that you are going through have been "guideposts" to get to you to see Jesus.  He is the author and perfecter of your faith.  When you finally see HIM, what a joy, love, peace, and hope you experience!

Enjoy The Ride,

Pastor Cee