FELLOW BELIEVERS… Keep in mind, the ultimate goal here is…

FELLOW BELIEVERS… Keep in mind, the ultimate goal here is…

FELLOW BELIEVERS… Keep in mind, the ultimate goal here
is LEADING PEOPLE TO JESUS!!! To spend too much time debating each other again and again, takes away precious time from loving on non-believers and pointing them to Jesus! (BTW, I am a 100% YOUNG Earth Creationist).

My point is to try and drive home the important thing – SHARING JESUS. If we spend all of our time debating each other, that is of little attraction to most agnostics and atheists watching in, and as we try to prove our point to each other, we spend less time sharing the love of God and the hope of a perfect eternity with Him. There’s time for both (debating each other over OEC / YEC stuff, etc. as that is important of course), but don’t lose the focus… SHARE JESUS, which is what He called us to do.

? After Thought (1 day after this was first posted)…
PLEASE UNDERSTAND… this is NOT a debate post. Please reread it. It’s simply about Christians spending less time debating each other and more time sharing JESUS with the lost. That’s all. I see people reading all kinds of stuff into the original post. And, now I’ll see all kinds of new rebuttals on this comment. I’m seeing so much “flesh” coming thru from OECs “and” YECs. Stop making it something other than it was meant to be!! My new book, “EVOLUTION: A FAIRYTALE FOR ALL AGES,” addresses a lot of this, however, this post does not, rather it’s about making sure to share JESUS more!! Sharing His love, not debating each other in hostility. I’m embarrassed for all believers, by the responses. Seems everybody has to get “their” opinion (be it scriptural or not), out there for all to read. Funny thing is, so many are so far off this actual post’s intention. Don’t stop debating each other and non-believers – when and where appropriate. Not on this post. CHILL. Love Jesus!! Share Jesus! 🙂

Many old earth believers I know of and personally know LOVE JESUS WITH ALL THEIR HEARTS!! Many of them never talk about it, or even really think about it 99.99% of the time. Sure, the ardent OEC does, and makes their voice heard in posts like this. But from years of experience, the vast majority are indeed saved and living for Jesus. Their ignorance about the age of the earth is in most cases just that, ignorance. Most I know, never talk about this topic. Again, for the record, I am a 100% YOUNG earth creationist.

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