Free Resources for YOUR church

Hey everyone, I’ve been helping out at my father’s church here in Alabama and I’ve noticed that although this is a large church there are some resources that are completely missing such as graphics, designs, programs, staging ideas, etc — my last church was having this same problem (I’m sure many of you do). So I decided that rather than have these resources simply filling up my bookmarks, I’d share them with you just in case you needed them. — A complete community of Christian designers with critiques, discussion boards, free graphics, PowerPoint slides. Just about anything you’d want or need. — This is the site that is replacing CreativeMYK soon and will include even more resources than CMYK. — A site a lot like CreativeMYK that gives you absolutely free graphics —  A great new site that I found, discussions & insights into the intersection of Church & Media — An awesome site that explores and shows the many different ways churches can use mobile technology — Need to know what the new trends in web design and web technology? Go here. — Just what the name says, this site gives you tips, tricks, how to’s and everything in between when it comes to Church & Media — Another brilliant name, this has been one of the only church stage design sites that I’ve found. A great resource. — A very helpful site for understanding church marketing, trends and understanding why your designs look the way the do.

Just a couple of miscellaneous sites that I’d like to point you to are already listed in our Blogroll – Marcus Williamson & John Saddington are two great guys that will be able to help you with graphic design, web design, blogging and A LOT more. Be sure to follow them on Twitter: @mawill & @tentblogger

Do you have any sites that you would like to share? If so, please leave a comment. I hope this post helps you and your church!