From Louisville, Kentucky!

Kathy and I are here in Louisville, Kentucky this weekend as we make our way to Indianapolis, Indiana for the upcoming General Assembly. Our youngest son and his wife, Andrea are youth pastors at River City Worship Center here in Louisville and we are visiting with them this weekend. We will attend service there tomorrow and then make our way up I-65 to the BIG, BIG General Assembly. I'm very proud of Jason and Andrea as they are growing in the Lord and making a difference in their communities. I'm proud of their "world" mindedness toward sinners and their desire to connect their faith to the people they are around. We shopped for some shirts and ties last night and they were careful to point me in a more contemporary look...hoping I will ditch my "soon to be 50", trying to look younger mindset and go with the "retro 70s" look that is so prevalent in their lifestyle...FAT CHANCE!