Kelly and Dana moved yesterday!

How awful that yesterday ended Kelly and Dana's tenure as teammates with Kathy and me. These past four years have been so cool and we enjoyed working together. Kelly brought a spirit of excellence to everything he did and he was skilled in a number of areas which complemented my style. Most of all, he was my partner. Dana has a servant heart and was always willing to do whatever needed to be done. Ashten, their son is now 11 and he has been a fun guy to have around. He and I had some great "adult" conversations. We once spent a good afternoon debating "insurgency" in Iraq--not your typical 10 year old conversation. The Shopes are our friends and I admit I had something in my eye as their cadillac (which is leaking oil, BTW) pulled away from 4821 Tartan Drive.

We pray they will be happy and successful in Pennsylvania. They will be missed in Louisiana!