Global Central Banks and US Democrat Party Fight to Keep…

Global Central Banks and US Democrat Party Fight to Keep…

Global Central Banks and US Democrat Party Fight to Keep American and Iraqi Citizens from Prospering

For the prophecy student take aim at what is going on right now in the Middle East for if you do, you are witnessing what was prophesied thousands of years ago take place right before your eyes. This is the generation the Lord spoke about that will see these things take place.

The sanctions have cut deep into the Iranian economy and Iran for many years through auctions selling US currency has helped alleviate some of the loss of oil dollars. Trump has stepped in and has nearly stopped Iran’s meddling in Iraq, which needed to happen badly. Iran has a good bit of control of Iraq and has had for a long time. Iran has its proxies and/or militias stationed in Iraq and these militias are the ones killing the Iraqi citizens that are protesting demanding Iran get out of their country and stop denying the citizens their rights. Iran has been in Iraq so long in fact, Iran considers Iraq as belonging to it, so we could actually see a war take place in the very near future.

Iran is supported by Russia and Turkey as recorded in the book of the bible Ezekiel 38 and 39. Now we see Turkey moving forces to join the Russian forces in Libya. Ezekiel identifies this will happen in the end time and it is right now with Russia and Turkey moving to take over Libya.

Amazing the Accuracy of Bible Prophesy

This is the alignment of the nations joining Russia in preparation for the invasion of Israel. All but a sixth part of the confederation of nations will be destroyed according to Ezekiel.

Here is the layout of this alignment of nations. In Ezekiel 38 and 39 the bible details or comes alive with the proof of what is happening right before our eyes with the Russian (Gog, Magog) alignment with Muslims to include Turkey that many said would never happen being allied with NATO.

Meshech (Muschki and Musku) Turkey
Tubal (Tubalu) Turkey
Persia Iran
Ethiopia (Cush) Sudan
Libya (Put or Phut) Libya, Algeria
Gomer (Cimmerians) Turkey
Beth-togarmah (Til-garimmu or Tegarma) Turkey

I thought this would be interesting to know so the reader can see we are definitely in the end time prophecy told us from God’s word. I also find it interesting Jeremiah mentions this as well in the 49th chapter and in particular since the heat is on against Iran and Iran controlling a lot of what happens in Iraq they too are about to be reduced. Jeremiah 49:39 (KJV) But it shall come to pass in the latter days, that I will bring again the captivity of Elam (Iran today), saith the LORD. End Time Prophecy is important, or God would not have devoted so much scripture to it so we can know where we are on God’s time clock at the close of this age.

These evil forces are also IMO supported by the Deep State because they are under attack for many years of abuse to nations using a worthless fiat currency not backed by anything but mostly US taxpayers to gain their entry into these nations Central Banks and take them over. The way they are being attacked by Trump and the Alliance is returning to a gold back currency instead the phony debt instrument used by the Rothschild’s fiat currency.

209 nations have signed on to returning to gold backed currency and more are expected to join and it will culminate in the raising the value of a lot countries currencies. The aim is to put everyone on a level playing field and stop the currency manipulation China uses all the time to gain access to markets making it nearly impossible for other nations to compete plus the subsidize their state owned businesses.

These evil people brought about the demise of Saddam Hussein and Qaddafi of Libya when they refused to turn over their central bank to the Rothschild’s Global Central Bank. Bush Sr before his son took their orders from the Global Central Bank.

Bush W used WMD as the excuse but he was just following the orders of the Global Central Banks and Transnational Corporations who demand a One World Government in conjunction with the Pope who demands a One World Government religion both of which is prophesied to occur in the end time.

As I said amazing this prophesy of the bible for we are seeing for ourselves these prophesies take place. The Pope for example is running around all over the place putting all religions on an equal footing and telling the Christian nations they must stop preaching Jesus because its offensive to those religions that do not espouse Jesus as Lord and Savior. The Pope is the forerunner of the Beast of Revelation paving the way for him to come on the scene and folks that is happening right now. What does that mean to you and me? It means the church is about to be taken out of this world, so if you aren’t ready, I advise, you get ready now while you can.

As for Iraq and its citizens, the Democrat Party of America in association with the Deep State does not want to see the CBI or Central Bank of Iraq raise the value of their currency and stop the auctions of US currency because they would be cutoff from this access.

The citizens of Iraq will prosper under the propose RV revaluation of their currency or RI reinstatement of the Dinar the currency used in Iraq. Also, many average people in the world have invested in this currency and they too will prosper greatly, so no, the Democrat Party and Deep State that has been successful at least since 2003 in holding up the RI are continuing to fight against this prosperity that will be felt by many nations.

Obama made a big dent preventing the successful RI holding it back for the eight years he was president because he is a traitor IMO to what America stands for and is pro-Islam using his power to promote MIGA or Make Iran Great Again.

I hope you got the jest of that last statement.

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