Had you read the Gospel of Thomas? Why is it…

Had you read the Gospel of Thomas? Why is it not included in the bible? What is apocryphal?

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  1. If you read it for yourself you will see it is full of plagiarism and nonsense like Mary must be turned into a man. It is dated two hundred of years after Thomas, and was written by mystics called Gnostics. It doesn’t belong in the Bible, and was never recognized as any authority. Canon was complete long before.

  2. I’m always amazed where people want to read all of these other books that are not in the bible yet they haven’t read the 66 books yet and understand them in its entirety mmmmm what’s wrong with that pic?

  3. Gospel of Thomas is one of the Gnostic ( or cult) writings that’s why it is not included in the Bible. Apocrypha are supposed writings by Hebrews but not canonically accepted by Jews and Christians.

  4. It is Gnostic writing which if you know about Gnostics they were lost and mega distortions.

  5. The public library has a copy of what is titled the New New Testament that has the standard canon as well as a good number off books like you mention in new translations and it is o vinous reading them why they were not included if you have a good knowledge the the canonical book. Many are knostic in concept and imply that its not the facts that aelreimportant but rather an essoreric understanding that goes beyond the text. Some directly contradict the information the the oversea contain. But awed nothing to the story. I suppose moderns would reject Scriptures themselves for the same reason for to the modern scholarship rejects the very ifmdea of the supernatureal. But for a believer it is very obvious.

  6. The dating on it is post apostolic. It is what is referred to as “pseudepigrapha” meaning these works are falsely attributed to their namesakes. Long before Nicaea the church uniformly rejected Gnosticism as they began to produce these documents. They are never cited by the early church fathers and their dating is much much later than the estimated death of the last apostle or direct study of one. NT Canonization required the work be written by an eyewitness or in the cases of Luke and Mark a partner in the gospel of one of the eyewitnesses. That’s not the case with Thomas or any of the Gnostics.

  7. Aprocryphal works are not God breathed. They are corrupted works of men. They may have historical importance, but they are not scripture. They contradict scripture, so they were taken out. They are a distraction and often a contradiction to scripture and His Word.

  8. Apocryphal books are the books that cannot be considered as biblical canon.

  9. The “Jesus” in Thomas speaks more like a Greek stoic rather than a Jewish rabbi. It’s clear that Thomas is a product of later anonymous writers who were trying to cash in, so to speak, on Jesus and Christianity. You’ll find that Thomas is the “secret sayings” of Jesus. They wrote that to try and pass it off as genuine because they knew that their Gnostic message contradicted the public ministry of Jesus in the 4 true gospels.

  10. According to the commandment of Jesus books of old testament and new testament was selected as a Bible.

  11. It is contradictory to other gospels. Not glorfying God. Not even single verse quoted by Jesus.

    It includes one verse that it is better to a women to become man to enter the kingdom of God.
    Contradiction to the whole message of the Bible.

  12. Means it’s not written by the author it claims to be written by and they were written long after they were alive

  13. Because it is a false gospel, it is not inspired by God, it does not hold to the rest of Scripture

  14. the better question for you is, how did the books we have get there?
    Once you answer that, you will have answered your own question

  15. All protestants..

    Let’s back to the Bible (this is protestant slogan)

    Which verse in the Bible that state Gospel of Thomas is not inspired by God?


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