If God knows what will happen why does He become…

If God knows what will happen why does He become pleased or angry?

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  1. You’re trying to fit a God that is outside of time into your perception of time.

    It’s kind of like watching a movie that’s already been writte. And you’ve alreDy seen. You’re still happy when the good guy wins and mad when the bad guy does bad things.

  2. When your child is born, you know he/she will do something to upset you. Is it unreasonable to be angry when that event occurs even though you knew such an event would? No. Being angry doesn’t have anything to do with lacking knowledge.

  3. An area God has created man almost like Himself is the place of freewill, that is the decision making ability.

    Genesis 2:16-17
    [16]And the LORD God commanded the man, saying, Of every tree of the garden thou mayest freely eat:
    [17]But of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, thou shalt not eat of it: for in the day that thou eatest thereof thou shalt surely die.

    Deuteronomy 30:19
    [19]I call heaven and earth to record this day against you, that I have set before you life and death, blessing and cursing: therefore choose life, that both thou and thy seed may live:


  4. So if you know something will happen that means you ought to not have feelings about it? I haven’t heard that one.

  5. Same like: you know your kid will fail and was displeased when he did fail because you thought or expected he’ll do the opposite.

  6. The question is asked about God as if God were a human being bound by time , space and matter.

  7. He knows what should happen but we often do our own thing invalidating his will but as he is gracious he remains with us within reason

  8. Imagine if you had a time machine. You went into the future, saw the birth of your first child, death or your parents, your favorite team win the Super Bowl. When you came back and experienced them in “real time” would you not still feel the emotion connected to those events?

  9. I have kids sometimes they do bad things I still get upset when they do bad things even though I know it’s coming.
    I know they’re going to do it but my phone knowledge doesn’t change the fact that when they do these things I get upset with what they’ve done.
    same thing in school when you took a test you knew you were going to get some wrong but if you cared about your grade then you were really wondering hey which ones did I get wrong How can I fix this what’s going on here just because you had four knowledge it’s something was going to go wrong and you were not going to score an A or whatever grade you want it doesn’t mean that you didn’t question what was wrong in the situation.
    Read the story of Jonah It will help you understand God’s foreknowledge and man’s responsibility.
    Please take the time to read the story and that way you understand exactly what’s being said and not what you think is being said.

  10. If you know your Birthday is coming, aren’t you pleased when it comes? If you know a person is going to jail a week from now, for a crime they didn’t commit, wouldn’t you be upset? So knowing the outcome of an event beforehand, makes no difference. Good question tho.

  11. If you knew something bad was going to happen and it happened would you be angry that it happened? If you knew something good was going to happen would you be pleased that it happened?

  12. John 3:18 comes immediately to my mind when you ask this question. God is completely outside of time; therefore, His sadness or displeasure are also outside of time. What He chooses to display inside of the dimension of time – like the incarnation of Himself – is to make manifest what we need to know to grow to be strong in the faith and be encouraged.

    For example, what happened to Job affects us today as we learn from his experience. What happened to Daniel helps us to better understand God’s eternal plan and the predictive power of a God unencumbered by the restrictions time; both are huge sources of encouragement to those who believe.

    He does not make our choices for us, but He knows those choices.

    Our minds are limited to a timeline – the only reality we understand, so God speaks to us within that timeline. However, this is the reality: “He who believes in Him is not condemned; but he who does not believe is condemned already, because he has not believed in the name of the only begotten Son of God.” ~John 3:18

  13. God knows what will happen, but, being a just God, is angry at injustice and is pleased with justice being done. Though there’s nore to it, that’s a part, to simply explain it.

  14. It still offends a holy God…. Just the other day, I left a tool out, and I KNEW my son would find it and play with it in the mud. I KNEW it…… But it hadn’t happened yet. When it did, and it did, I was angry. Duh. I would have bet a billion dollars it would happen before it did, because I know how my son does, but until it did, I wasn’t angry…

  15. REALLY you expect someone to answer this? What makes you think there is even an answer to given by a man?

  16. Because determinism has replaced some people’s common sense. There isn’t a dictionary on earth that says “knowing A” = “causing A”.

  17. As if we can know the mind of God! We get a small glimpse through the scripture of what He wants us to know.
    He is pleased and angry because He is a person who feels emotion regardless of the known outcome. His grace shows His perfect love because we should all be objects of destruction because of our rebellion and sin.

  18. He loves all people, and therefore is angry at sin, which is DESTRUCTIVE and harmful to those He loves – ourselves and others.

    If you love your child, how do you feel when they turn to drugs?

    If you love the citizen downtown, how do you feel when someone guns him down in cold blood?

  19. If Shakespeare writes a play then why would he be emotional about what happens in it?

    If he wrote a play that he himself wasn’t moved by, I assume he scrapped it.

  20. God finishing his creation (Adam) then getting mad at it for how it turned out is like a painter getting angry at his finished painting.

  21. He becomes angry at sin because he knows what it will do to us if we continue to practice it .

  22. Well, theology is just anthropology cast into the heavens and dragged back down to earth through the mud of human psychology and sociology.

  23. I know that when I decided to have children, they would disobey. I am not mad at them until they are.

  24. Anthropomorphic terms. It’s the only way humans can understand God — by relating Him to us. Arthur Pink addresses this in Attributes of God.

  25. Parents know the growth and behavioral patterns of their infants and wrong they would do but this doesn’t stop the parents from yelling at or reprimanding their beloved children when they surely act the wrong way.

  26. I know my kids will disobey me and make me proud, however I’m still angry and loving when they do those things.

  27. If I knew I would get shot or betrayed, yet still feel pained, does that make me stupid? Maybe, but it doesnt invalidate my pain/response.

  28. I know every month my $200 electric bill is coming in the mail. Doesn’t mean I am ever happy to see it come!

  29. God’s Anger or Him being Pleased is for our Benifit, (His anger for correction, and Him being pleased for a blessing). at the end of the day, God is angry NOW at the wicked and pleased in those who do right.I think the question is implying that God shouldn’t get angry because He knew that will happen anyways, so what He should DO is NOT get angry and JUST DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT since He knew everything…How we belittled God. I think His foreknowledge of the Future is irrelevant to His reaction in the Future…(If you think Im wrong I’ll be happy to read your comment)

  30. Because he gave us free will and allows us to make our choice in all aspects. From belief and obedience and receiving eternal life

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