I saw this post from another group and thought it…

I saw this post from another group and thought it would good to share it with you so I asked his permission to repost this.

Yes, Pharisees Still Exist Today.

Most Pharisees begin with good intentions. But somehow those intentions and motives morph into something not so good.

For modern-day Pharisees, Christian living is not so much about transforming into the image of God. It is more about living up to the standard of God. And no one can live up to God’s standard. Except Jesus.

Pharisees love to argue. They love to spend their time convincing others. If they had to list the actions and issues they are against, the pencil would run out of lead.

Pharisees believe their job is to defend God and legislate morality.

Modern-day Pharisees believe God needs them on His team. They believe the church is dependent upon them.

We just need to know our role. Play our part. And don’t think too highly of ourselves.

The Bible is grey on many issues. But modern-day Pharisees don’t deal in the world of grey. They must have everything black and white. In or out. Yes or no. Up or down.

They love James 2:14-26. But they skirt around passages about grace.

During the time of Jesus, no one knew more Scripture than the Pharisees. They studied the Scriptures relentlessly.

Modern-day Pharisees do the same. But they turn around and use the knowledge to convince others why they are wrong. The Bible is their personal weapon.

To modern-day Pharisees, the Bible is not a means to grow into the image of God. It is a means to convince the world of fallacies and misguided theology.

Instead of meeting people where they are, modern-day Pharisees force people to come up to their level.

Modern-day Pharisees see any rebuke as a personal attack. They immediately go on the offensive. Some get angry and storm off. Others proceed to make a list of sins to the person rebuking them.

At every point in the Savior’s earthly ministry, there always seemed to be a Pharisee lurking about, trying to trip Him up or make Him look foolish.

But, I still love all of you in Christ Jesus.

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