Warning Signs

I sat and watched a mother at the jail service the other night as she cried and stated "I don't want my kids to walk in my footsteps!"  The Holy Spirit immediately told me to tell her "Don't say that! Determine to make new footsteps down the path you would want your children to walk as well!"  Just because you've made bad choices it doesn't mean it's the end.  There was a time in my life I wouldn't have wanted my children walking in my footsteps either.  But when Jesus saved me from that past lifestyle He gave me a new direction, a direction that leads to eternal life in Christ Jesus and now I follow His footsteps.

As I see the younger generation of today it tears my heart apart to see all of the things the devil has lured them into that will lead to their eternal damnation in hell.  Pastor Jentezen Franklin preached this message "Warning Signs" at a Winterfest a couple of years ago that I took the youth to be a part of.  During the services I witnessed countless young people on their knees crying their hearts out to God.  I realize it is a long message, but it is a powerful message that today's youth need to hear! 

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