I thought I would finally share with everybody one of…

I thought I would finally share with everybody one of two of my deepest sorrys. Something that I regret so much that I sometimes feel like I could cry about it forever.

I was raised in the Prescott Holiness Church my sisters Margie(who is on face book but not active) and Angie my youngest who were both raised in Prescott Holiness as well. The Prescott church taught that you are not saved until you have the gift of the Holy Spirit. Well I believe most churches teach that. It’s Bible. The question is, when do you know you have it? Other churches say, when you believe on the Lord Jesus Christ you automatically receive it. My church says no. My church says you have it when you have evidence of having it. The United Pentecostal Church teaches the same thing. But they are Oneness and my Church is Trinity. The Charismatics say any one of the nine Spirit gifts would be evidence that you have it. My church say no. My church says that the only definite evidence given for receiving the gift of the Holy Spirit is speaking in tongues. I says but look in scripture at Acts 8:15,16 those people had believed on the Lord but they hadn’t received the gift of the of the Holy Spirit yet. The Penticostal churches would say the they have received a measure of the Holy Spirit when they believed and were therefore saved. My church says, no they are not yet saved because they haven’t yet received the gift of the Holy Spirit with tongues as evidence.
I know now that my church was right but I just couldn’t believe that maybe half of the penticostal churches could be lost. So I left my church (I was also tired of hearing about sin,sin, sin so much) and went to Garywood Assembly of God in Heuytown with John A. Loper as pastor. My church warned me though that I would cause a lot of people to go to hell if I told them that they get by with only a measure of the Spirit.

Now I know that my church was completely right and my great sorry is that I messed up and left them????.

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