If Pope is to Catholic Church and Luther is to…

If Pope is to Catholic Church and Luther is to Protestants Church, then to which church you belong and why?

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  1. (Ephesians 1:22)
    And He put all things in subjection under His feet, and gave Him as head over all things to the church,

  2. I belong to the the Baptist Church I study alot of different denominational but I believe Baptist Churches teaches the word of God

  3. The reformation started more than just Lutheran churches calvin was the father of the Presbyterians (my church) and then Henry started a protestant church to get a divorce, the church of England.

  4. and when he found him, he brought him to Antioch. So for a whole year Barnabas and Saul met with the church and taught great numbers of people. The disciples were called CHRISTIANS first at Antioch.
    Acts 11:26 NIV

  5. The Pope is the leader of the Catholics but had nothing to do with its founding. Protestants don’t have a Pope, jesus is their head, or should be.

  6. Methodist, cause all other denominations are not teaching the word of God…i might convert to Eastern Orthodoxy cause they are the purest form of Christianity.

  7. I belong to the living Church of almighty God and Jesus Christ the Saviour is my Lord, Redeemer, Strong Tower, Safe Refuge, Portion, Deliverer, Healer, Master, Friend…. All in All in One. ??

  8. Every person who said, I’m belongs to Catholic, Baptist, Lutheran, Calvin, or any denomination etc.. Will not inherit the kingdom of God. Because why? Jesus said “I am only the way”. There is no way to heaven in denominations.

    I’m a believer Christian my foundation is Jesus.

  9. A Bible Believing church is neither Catholic or Protestant. We are followers of Christ, hence the meaning of the word Christian. ?

  10. I don’t look to a man, but to Christ. I attend where I am because I prayed about it and God answered that prayer quite clearly.

  11. I attend attend a Baptist church because this group of believers lifts each other up when someone is is struggling, its a place that challenges me to dig deep in the word and share what I’ve learned, and this church loves to reach out to the community around it.

  12. Proud Catholic, why? Because Jesus told Simon, “on this rock, i will build my church”. That church is Catholic church.

  13. Some say that they follow Apollo,others follow Peter,some follow Paul.Did Apollo,peter or Paul die for you?Christ is the foundation of believers.

  14. Luther was not the “pope” of the Lutheran Church. He was the founder. That is NOT the same as a “pope.”

    And the people who became Lutherans did so because they agreed with him, NOT because they were following him instead of Jesus.

  15. There is only one church !! The church of Jesus Christ. Catholics are not it. Therefore the catholic “church” does not exist, because it’s not church !! All denominations are heresy !! There is only “church” you are either part of it or not !!

  16. Luther is not a pope! Protestants have no pope. That was one of the big issues of the Reformation. Eternal salvation isn’t in a church it’s in Jesus Christ alone!

  17. I belong to Jesus and am a part of His body. You may call yourself or even function as an arm, but who are you to say to the leg, “I have no need of you”?

  18. Church fathers are our brothers.They have been called to their position.They are not perfect just like all of us.Scriptures are the final say not mens opinions .Jesus is the head.We are all serving each other as the body of Christ.

  19. Actually, people have hit all around it and still, I have yet to see the real reason Luther posted his 95 Thesis on the door of the Wittenberg Church.

    Luther wanted a discussion. No more. No less. He was accused of starting the reformation. In fact, it had already begun about two decades before. Luther’s main point was not the Papal Office. His main point was the selling of indulgences to a poor and needy people on the idea that for a few coins, their dead ancestors could be set free of punishment. That infuriated him. When he started to write, it all came out. After the Diet of Worms, 1521, Luther was a hunted man.

  20. I am a christian, I might subscribe to some of luthers ideas, but then again, I might subscribe to some of the older popes ideas, but over all that, I subscribe to the word of GOd.

  21. Protestant is too broad a term….Lutheran is a lot like Catholic…there is Armenian and Calvin, too.

  22. Lol. Luther was not a Protestant.

    Omg! What kind of apologists are in this group? So many false comments and statements and non-truths. This is a joke!

  23. I have my own apologetics group. And all I place there is the truth along with others. Without this spirit of debate and arguing. There’s a difference.

    Representing arguments in a respectable fashion is very different than arguing just to debate to see who knows more or who can outwit the other guy and belittle. Then simply helping one another with different arguments to grow and become a better apologist.

    We learn from each other and LOVE one another. Not this spirit of debate and argumentative spirits with name calling and false accusations. That’s not apologetics. That’s what I call Apolo-pathetics.

  24. I’m not a Catholic and yet I pledge no allegiance to Luther even though I deeply respect him and his teachings and the Lutheran Church.

  25. I am part of the ‘BRIDE of Christ – the invisible believing elected of God Church’ and of course, CHRIST is the BRIDEGROOM.

  26. I’m just a Christian who attends a Calvary Chapel, not a follower of a denomination, a follower of Christ.

  27. I belong to neither…the Scripture alone is what I believe…but definitely like and agree with much of Luther’s teaching because it is based completely off scripture alone

  28. this is an incorrect inference for the pope is to the “RC Catholic Church what Jesus is to the Protestant Church.

  29. Luther was a Roman Catholic who posted a bunch of questions on the church’s door to stimulate questions and answers.

  30. John Foster makes an excellent point. I made it a point over thirty years ago to make a study of the great reformer. Luther’s life was “…a mystery, wrapped in a riddle inside an enigma” to quote Sir Winston Churchill. (He was talking about Russia, not Luther by the way).

    All Luther wanted was a conversation. That is all. His 95 Thesis nailed to the door of the church in Wittenberg, Germany, started something in motion that was actually already underway.

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