The 95 theses that Martin LUTHER

The 95 theses that Martin LUTHER

Today we pick up on the 95 theses that Martin Luther posted on the church door. A Theses is, “a statement of what you... »

95 Thesis of Dr. Martin Luther

Out of love and zeal for truth and the desire to bring it to light, the following theses will be publicly discussed at Wittenberg under the chairmanship of the reverend father Martin Lutther, Master of Arts and Sacred Theology and regularly appointed Lecturer on these subjects at that place. He requests that those who cannot […] »

Martin Luther and division of the Church

I was raised in the 1950, in a solidly Irish and Italian neighborhood of New York. It was the pre-Vatican II Catholic Church, and... »

A study of Martin Luther

oday and the next 5 lessons we want to look at the reformation under Martin Luther, and why he challenged the Roman Catholic Church... »