It’s Late

It's late. Here I am, getting ready to catch some z's, and I feel the need to write more than the 140 maximum on Twitter. I read today in the daily journey through the Bible of David, when he was on the run from Saul. In 1 Sam. 25, David had sought the aid of a man descended from the one and only Caleb, who at 85 was still kicking Caananite tail. He was a God-fearing man. Too bad his descendant wasn't. His name was Nabal, which in Hebrew meant "folly", or foolish. And he was. He mistreated David and his men who had been so kind to him, his shepherds and servants. They had been bodyguards to them in the wilderness. Yet Nabal foolishly shunned and scorned David.

My point tonight is that the apple fell far from the tree. What a Godly heritage to emulate, only to bury it selfishness and pride and bitterness.

I'll post again soon about this, but looking at David. Till then, I leave you with this thought: typing on a laptop is somwhat more difficult than a regular keboard.

Anti-climatic, isn't it?