The rediscovery

I have come home back to this blog. I will begin posting again over the next few weeks my current thoughts and ideas. For now recently I posted this about the Church of God's status on another blog

The question, “What is a denomination to do?” must first be preceded by another question. Namely, what is a denomination? Initially, a denomination is simply a group of believers agreeing on a set doctrine or practice and living in community and accountability with one another. This definition is based mainly upon the key principle of relationship. Without relationships, then the denomination becomes an institution based upon rules and procedures. This is not necessarily a bad thing, but it misses the vital human need that craves relationships. Any person that studies why churches grow, and are able to maintain that growth, recognize that successful large churches excel in building relationships among the congregation.

50 years ago, the Church of God adapted to the time that it was in, modernism. Modernism wants a scientific method and structure. It desires to be structured and clean, and needs the security of a planned future. What happened in the culture is exactly what is now happening in the Church. Modernism is dying, and in some areas is dead. Its ideas are bankrupt, because it promoted narcissism and self-aggrandizement. Postmoderns see past the myth of modernism and know that what we need is community not pragmatism. This is why at the listening tours many of the elder generation were upset at promises made but not kept, while the younger generation looked past that and wondered why we lost our evangelistic missional zeal. Postmoderns recognize that relationships are messy, but necessary since we are formed in community.

The Church of God is not dead, nor is it dying. It is adapting, because we are Spirit led. What is dying is the old way of thinking that we are presently in. Simply put, the Church is incarnating itself into the culture that we are currently. In fifty years, we’ll do it again.

One final note, we are fine and will be as long as we continue to follow the Spirit of God.