It’s Not About You, or Me… It’s About God

A friend sent me the following in an email today and I wanted to share it. He said it was written by Ryan Whitley. I have no idea who Ryan Whitley is, but he makes a very good point.

While away on vacation I visited a handful of churches. I always enjoy being the anonymous guest of a church. I watch the pastor very closely. I also pay great attention to the people. In doing so, I try to learn from their unique perspective.
This year, my visits included some resort churches and a small church. Each worship experience was meaningful. I was particularly impressed with the pastoral skills of the three pastors. As an outsider, I noticed immediately these men sincerely loved their people.

During one visit I was reminded of a statement I read years ago, when a Christian leader said that Christians mistakenly think that church is about us.
Church really is not about us, it’s about God. Instead of looking for what you can get out of church, look for what you can put into church.
Worship is not about us, it’s about God. Worship isn’t about whether or not we like the music; worship is about God!
Troubles and trials are not about us, they are about God. They are sent to teach us things about God you could not learn any other way.
Marriage is not about us or our spouse, it’s about God. Neither is life about us, it, too, is about God.
Finally, this day is not about us, it’s about God. So look for Him in everything you do.