Tuesday Twitter: 2010 #ourCOG Archive

Tuesday Twitter: 2010 #ourCOG Archive

  1. Trying to finish Daffe’s new book “Clothing a Naked Church”. Pretty insightful so far. http://tweetphoto.com/42223553

  2. OK, the church in Woodland is beautiful! Walking around taking it all in.

  3. Driving to a regional meeting in Woodland. Let’s plan!

  4. Bible Ministry Camp 2010 http://cupandcross.com/index.php/bible-ministry-camp-2010/

  5. Recommending Dr. George D. Voorhis’ New Book http://cupandcross.com/index.php/recommending-dr-george-voorhis-new-book/

  6. Investigating Ireland http://cupandcross.com/index.php/investigating-ireland/

  7. RT : I’m officially an Ordained Bishop in the COG! Thank God for His help. No way I could have done it on my on. great!

  8. RT RT : A meeting of great minds. http://twitpic.com/2icyia //that’s debatable // It sure is.

  9. . Finished our interview with Channel 9 about Christ Family Church 40 Day Fast from Face Book. It is suppose to air this evening.

  10. Sitting @ the Chicken listening to Mercy Me – Until the Whole World Hears. Writing a letter for a grant; please pray.

  11. Still pondering the great commission; urgency compels me.

  12. On my way to the State Office to take my Ordained Bishop’s exam.

  13. College choir kick-off this Tuesday night North Cleveland. Free Shane’s rib shack catering. Great worship.

  14. WOW! Our youth & kids ministries were packed out tonight at TenthAveCoG! At least 10 decisions for Christ in the youth tonight!

  15. New Post- WHEN IN ROMANS: 16/ wrap up. “Bastian, Say my name!…” Neverending Story= classic http://wp.me/pDMgq-2o

  16. He peeps. Who wants to tweet-up for lunch?

  17. Go to onecoolthingaday.com – today’s video is one of the best and most moving things I’ve seen.

  18. Don’t wait until the discontent with the present condition outweighs the fear of an uncertain change. True leaders are proactive.

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    because people matter, organizational health & speed to health are critical. Focus on reached people over structure

  20. Please help us pray about obtaining a 29 pass bus. It’s an astoundingly good deal: clean & in great shape. The price is very right.

  21. RT : A meeting of great minds. http://twitpic.com/2icyia //that’s debatable

  22. Are we willing to defer immediate organizational gratification in order to build value & structure in people?

  23. Growing hunger for spirituality in postsecular society gives hope… if the church will be authentically spiritual a harvest is ripe.

  24. While working on church budget I found TenthAveCoG has 61% more in reserves than 1 year ago-400% above forecast! Eph. 3:20-21

  25. Interview with General Overseer, Dr. Raymond F. Culpepper regarding @cogga2010 and restructuring just posted to www.churchofgod.org

  26. Woot! Katie Grablow & Ken Nedimyer from my life group were just on Fox News re: http://www.coralrestoration.org/

  27. Grateful for all that happened today. Thank you to all the pastors and leaders of and . Couldn’t have done it w/o you!

  28. Led worship tonight at north Cleveland. It went well.

  29. Can anybody guess where I am this morning?? http://tweetphoto.com/40698310

  30. God changed my message for tomorrow and now I can’t wait for tomorrow to get here!

  31. Just uploaded the promo for the new series I will be starting Sunday at COG http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I_bnfq7d-aQ

  32. RT : My friend, has a great vid that may be in TheNines Conference http://bit.ly/d7FjqG Give it some love!

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    Cool! I’ve got textual envy!

  34. Great service with 1st Baptist Anbar. “It is the nature of a fire to burn out, a church to drift, a people to forget.”

  35. headed to the TN state offices this AM for a meeting w/ .

  36. King Of The Hill episode tonite had a new woman bishop at the local church…let’s just say I saw this one before. Just wks ago. Ha!

  37. A Mom asked to borrow my belt to spank her child. Wow, now that’s Children’s ministry. I’m hear to “equip” parents…

  38. Our food pantry got slammed tonight! A steady stream of clients have been coming through for an hour!

  39. RT I believe it is a requirement for church vans to be old and falling apart. // Amen!

  40. PRAY for student pastors and youth workers. Pray that the Gospel would COME ALIVE in the hearts of youth everywhere tonight!

  41. Desperate times call for dependent measures: http://read.ly/2Chr20.12.NET

  42. Chester-Beatty Fellowship Research is a go

  43. Absolutely wonderful FL PCG Fac Retreat. Good fellowship, training, food & we met the new Bishop! Fantastic!

  44. When faced w/ an overwhelming enemy we typically have 2 choices: fight or flight. Which do you choose? http://read.ly/Jas4.7.NET

  45. Blog Post: Monday’s thoughts on Sunday at . http://wp.me/pDMgq-2c

  46. How does one fight an enemy who has thousands of years experience in the art of war? Very carefully. http://read.ly/Jude1.9.NET

  47. Theologian and author Clark H. Pinnock passed away yesterday. http://tinyurl.com/26b85ag

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    Nay on the Tweetup for me…have other obligations. Raincheck?

  49. Tweetup for lunch? Yay or Nay?

  50. Dear COG peeps. Who wants to tweetup for lunch today? Let me know.

  51. Listen to the AM and PM messages I preached at Hardeeville COG today here… http://www.sermon.net/lifeofpursuit

  52. RT : pastor in UK is taking EVERY CHAPTER of the Bible and editing it to 140 characters Follow

  53. An “Arnold Palmer” from Mac’s Steakhouse is pretty tasty.

  54. On the Holy Highway to the city on a hill… Cleveland, TN. … Here we come.

  55. experienced some powerful worship this morning at …big props to my boy and his entire team!

  56. WSJ.com – Opinion: The Perils of ‘Wannabe Cool’ Christianity http://on.wsj.com/bfdEfy // Must read.

  57. Our newest promo video for THRIVE…check it out!: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TJmHw_6Qcs4

  58. A Thought for Pastors :: Keep in mind our mission… Preach Christ http://wp.me/pXL8N-uS

  59. “Instead of lusting for better soil… Bloom where you are planted” — RT (via )

  60. Headed to Nashville on our way home to illinois pray for safe travels.

  61. @RevKevinWalker ourCOG.com, may be?

  62. Can’t believe today is our last day in NYC! Heading home after an amazing mission journey,

  63. failte – good to see you on Twitter

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    hope all is well in God’s country!

  65. Welcome Reverend Bishop Doctor Park! 🙂

  66. A good hearty welcome to the twitterverse to my good Irish brother . Follow fast and retweet.

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    11 Facts about Bulgaria from the World Race 2011 website http://goo.gl/w7eh

  68. We have a choir retreat 2morrow w/awesome talent coming 2 B w/ us. Pray w/ me that God will anoint this choir 4 His glory.

  69. Has anyone tried PingChat! on your smartphone yet?

  70. I’ve been living in 2 Corinthians 4:15 for a week now: “All these things are for your sake…” Flood clean up resumes this afternoon

  71. http://www.kgcog.com Published the new church website. Still working on some ministry pages, but the framework is there.

  72. Ha ha ha. No Joke! Jon is serious. I met him too! lol!

  73. that reminds me… So these two cannibals are sitting together eating a clown. One looks at the other (cont) http://tl.gd/33bqm4

  74. FYI: Just met a 68 y/o white male cowboy clown in Birmingham looking for a female cowgirl clown 50 or older. Please pass along!

  75. Carpets gone. Some folks are scraping floors now while I take a breather. 2 more sweep & mop routines before we reset for Sunday.

  76. Our youth band covers “LIKE A LION”…think you’d be proud! http://bit.ly/ca0kjX // Pls RT

  77. headed to J103 (j103.com) luncheon for Eddie Brooks, COG missionary to Istanbul, Turkey. 99.9% Muslim.

  78. Day 2 of flood clean up at TenthAveCoG. I can hardly breathe in there. All carpets have to go & AC should be back up by Noon.

  79. Can the Church of God really claim copyright for the video of General Assembly sessions? The pastor panty video has been removed.

  80. John the Baptist Remains Found in Bulgaria (Video) http://goo.gl/kF58

  81. Psalms 46:1, God is our refuge and strength, always ready to help in times of trouble.

  82. http://ourvolvo.com/ likes

  83. for the midweek Bible Study at Hardeeville COG

  84. PingChat! App that lets Droid, iPhone and BB devices communicate together. It works pretty well. http://tinyurl.com/34vy83a

  85. Yesterday’s article brought 1700 visitors to http://cupandcross.com/ today. Let’s see what this one would do: http://goo.gl/R8b9

  86. New Blog Post: Confession of a Control Freak- http://wp.me/pDMgq-20

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    The comment about parents not modeling church as a priority is spot on.

  88. http://forwardleadership.org/blog/?p=1341 post assembly reflections from bill isaacs

  89. Anyone know where I can get some extra hours? 24 just isn’t cutting it!

  90. I need to tell Pastor we need a caramel, vanilla & mocha frappé on Sundays, not all kids like reg coffee -Sarah Knipp

  91. It’s Wed! Excited about starting back our Rangers and Girls Clubs this fall after a gr8 summer of High 5 University!

  92. Low blood pressure? Read this: RT Christian TV’s All-time Worst Fundraising Gimmicks http://tinyurl.com/3xrkp69

  93. I’m melting…80 degrees in the office at 9 AM and temps going up. AC tech messed up & we have to be cool 4 youth tomorrow

  94. “Give me spiritual fruits, not religious nuts.”

  95. I use Twitterific and love it.

  96. Haha! LOL! I’m laughing out loud! @RevKevinWalker

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    I don’t understand this it’s complicated and I don’t get it

  98. I just washed my hands and cleaned them with soap & water.

  99. Waiting for the family to get home to the house where we live.

  100. Who’s in? Here we go: Twittering can be fun when you make it enjoyable.

  101. The Little Diner at 1st http://goo.gl/mjT7

  102. From Beliefnet, on the recent female bishop debate. http://bit.ly/aYANLZ

  103. Mowing lawn this evening. Showing house tomorrow at 10:00. Need to sell. Pray for God’s favor. Thanks.

  104. Members of the clergy now suffer from obesity, hypertension and depression at rates higher than most Americans. http://goo.gl/AE5k

  105. CHARISMA magazine Church of God Debates Role of Women http://goo.gl/gz90

  106. . staff meeting. and

  107. Twitter for iPhone now stinks. Will not even open. What Twitter app do you recomend?

  108. off to get ready for a new work week tomorrow, after a busy weekend. The services today were amazing at Hardeeville COG

  109. Oh, that God would rend the heavens!

  110. Had a great time @ New Life Fellowship in O-Town this morning. Back to LLCoG tonight in Mount Dora. Praise God forever!

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    WOW…from the tweets it does sound like it was a great sermon.

  112. how was your services?

  113. Great influx of kids today after VBS & yesterday’s block party. Wonderful services. Tonight Jack Morris from Australia will speak.

  114. I’m praying for your service right now. May our churches never be the same after God’s stirring us in service today.

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    LOL! I’ll second the motion.

  116. RT : Just watched 10,000 BC. Reminded me of the General Assembly. // almost spat coffee out my nose. LOL

  117. Will a rain shower keep you away from the house of God this morning?

  118. It’s raining in Central Florida. Rain on us Spirit of God!

  119. Bibliata.TV – Church of God Rally http://goo.gl/cIbO

  120. we did the Bulgarian VIDEO Bible while back http://video.bibliata.tv/; now Lee U is doing it similarly http://31173.tk/

  121. Chaplaincy in BULGARIA http://goo.gl/lzam

  122. Just watched 10,000 BC. Reminded me of the General Assembly.

  123. Can’t wait to hear Landon preach in Bismarck tomorrow @ Covenant Community Church of God.

  124. I’m facing a difficult transition tomorrow and could use your prayers. Sometimes moving forward is not an easy thing to do.

  125. No I don’t remember that one! Please do tell!

  126. Block party was a success…had close to 200 from the community. At least 7 decisions for Christ!

  127. Preparing tomorrow’s message “Restoring True Worship.” What has the Lord laid on your hearts?

  128. Preaching tomorrow prayers appreciated.

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    I have eaten as well but open to another Saturday

  130. we’ve reached the final steps. Help us cross the finish line. http://www.bringhomejudah.com

  131. RT : breakfast at Cameron’s? Anyone? http://goo.gl/lqdp // How late do they serve?

  132. Patience, Grasshopper. When you can take the pebble from ‘s hand, it will be time for you to leave.

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    Geesh! Have some patience! We want it to be good.

  134. Well into the 3 hour countdown before the TenthAveCoG block party gets started…say a prayer for souls today!

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    Oh yeah! I feel some fussball fellowship coming on!

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    I did play some fussball in my day

  137. nope, nope – we played fussball. Used to beat every single time at . Remember?

  138. long term FASTING – Do you have an app for that?

  139. launch it up already or we’ll bring @RevKevinWalker on board & run your line of scrimmage with the .org version

  140. Good meeting with today about www.ourcog.com. Cool stuff coming soon.

  141. Surround yourself with leaders. Resource them. Empower them to lead. Encourage them regularly. Watch what happens.

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    (Read: this is embarrassing and we don’t want you to see it.)

  143. RT : of course I’m coming to . How else do you think I’m going to get on the youth board one day?

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    but this time there is the miracle of cell phones!

  145. AC worked tonight! One more night of VBS & then the block party on Sat! Believing to reach hundreds of un-churched!

  146. Is anyone using Ping Chat for Blackberry, Droid or iPhone?

  147. Where is that link again for the archived GA meetings? Do they include all sessions?

  148. nice tag line re: 😉 – I own Band of Brothers if you want to borrow it

  149. Wondering if attends ‘s church?

  150. made me want 2 watch Band of Brothers! Good times!

  151. At G.A. some have no voice & some have no kahunas. Glad there r a few willing 2 spend political capital & speak on divided issues.

  152. Replying to
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    I almost crashed your Mexican food party.

  154. great lunch conversation w/ could have talked for hours longer

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    Not if we can help it!

  156. Looks like the feed is taking a nosedive rather quickly.

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    Mr.Member The Chair is of the opinion that a tour is not order at this time. Unless its Colbert.

  158. my oh my Hi, Bibliata.com. The Soddy Prophet () is now following your tweets on Twitter.

  159. The Chair is wondering who’s idea it was to Live Stream those sessions…oh wait? Dang. He will remind himself to not do that again

  160. RT : Purchased www.ourcog.com. Asked to help turn it into a social hub. // “It has begun…” (Shang Tsung)

  161. This seems oddly timely. RT : Cult Divided On Whether To Let Women Become Telepathic-Vision Clerics http://onion.com/cUD78C

  162. RT : “A Gavel Falls on Marriage: The Proposition 8 Trial.” http://ow.ly/2lkQZ // Implications are staggering…

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  164. Do any of you run Linux? If so, which version? I’m using Mepis 8.5 – no M$ for me.

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    @TheRev30 Last year we had a flood (we should have had a Noah theme). This year electric. Maybe next year rapture 🙂

  166. praying for sister in law today

  167. Please pray for my sister n law she is having surgery at 10:30 am on a level 2 skin cancer they found pray they get all of it.

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    Same thing happened to us last year…. my prayers are with you, Brother.

  169. Everybody loves and ! I’m sure they will be missed in VA!

  170. evening services are now archived on assemblynow.org

  171. @RevKevinWalker I prefer the NASB for exegesis, but the ESV is pretty cool.

  172. Incredible night at THRIVE! Tackled 2 Samuel 13: Amnon & Tamar/2 futures destroyed by misguided obsession. POWERFUL!!!

  173. so cogga made it to comedy central?

  174. @RevKevinWalker haha….true that!

  175. @RevKevinWalker I use theESV almost exclusively. I have two Alan ESV1 editions.

  176. Replying to

    Actually…these kinds of prophets specialize in forth-telling more than foretelling!

  177. @RevKevinWalker Not Sure, I would like 1 with space on the pages to jot notes. Wld like to pass bibles w/notes down to my children 1day

  178. 1st night of VBS is underway and 1 phase of our 3 phase electric is out…too bad our theme isn’t the Fiery Furnace.

  179. Write the Vision … http://goo.gl/N8oQ

  180. At North Greensboro Church of God http://goo.gl/q28K

  181. Mission Service at Covenant of Faith http://goo.gl/7ExA

  182. wanted 2 catch the stream with and rest of Ohio clan, but couldn’t. Funny it’s appeal, given I live in TN! Interesting!

  183. @RevKevinWalker Going to use the ESV next year for my reading. Just gotta get an ESV bible now

  184. @RevKevinWalker ESV has become my new study Bible … opt for the study version if you can. Packed full of goodness

  185. What promise from God are you holding onto, speak it out in faith.

  186. I see so much potential for the communication for the church @ large after watching & 1st live videostream/chat for Ohio

  187. If this gets on the Daily Show might lose it’s street cred… jus’ sayin’. http://bit.ly/aDh7Rt

  188. The greatest songs in life are born out of the greatest adversity.

  189. He was worried about the impact of women ministers & has caused damage to the universal church that can never be repaired.

  190. Congrats . Our private embarassment has become blogger fodder. http://bit.ly/9a43Q9

  191. Details of the recent Foursquare Church appointment of a high-ranking female executive: http://tinyurl.com/2bsgbrt

  192. I’m looking for another writer/arranger to bounce song ideas and compare notes with… if you are interested inbox me.

  193. The bigger question is how does this guy get ordained over an educated woman. http://youtu.be/b1NTQYk9dfM (via )

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    : Oh don’t even get me started about him.. LOL

  195. Soddy P., 80% of inmates grew up in fatherless home. Men failing to be dads, not depravity of women, is causing problems in prison.

  196. Heading 2 office to get early jump on to do list! Gonna make the world’s finest office coffee and send up some caffinated prayers.

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    :The is a SorryProphet; while the truth hurts it does reflect on some in

  198. @RevKevinWalker memento mori but first memento coffee …

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    @RevDRobinson The Soddy Prophet would not condone you asking Men a question.