Jon Steingard, lead singer of the Christian rock band Hawk…

This is why it’s SOO important to understand the Apologetics side of arguments. And the culture that surrounds the Bible. God’s culture not man’s culture.

Jon Steingard, lead singer of the Christian rock band Hawk Nelson, regretfully announced on Instagram last week that he no longer believes in God. “I’ve been terrified to post this for a while – but it feels like it’s time for me to be honest,” Steingard said in the caption pre…

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  1. This is what happens when you are told God is just pure love and cuddles and teddies and doesn’t like, really hate sin and wickedness.

  2. This guy claimed to be a Christian and didn’t know why there is evil in this world…he was in a band for money and fame. Wretched radio did a piece on it.

  3. Could someone take care of this guy…
    He has lots of questions unanswered… Rationalizing events after events in the world…
    We may not phantom God’s doing in the world today… But he requires solid faith.. Stand firm on solid foundation of the Bible message and revelationa

  4. Well from d very start maybe he does not really understand d Gospel of Christ.U hv to hv a pure heart to grasp d leadings of d Spirit.D only one that will abandon faith r d ones who never live in faith 100%.I pity d man & rare are human like him….

  5. Not surprised. Jesus said that many people will lose their faith in God when evil becomes the order of the day. Matthew 24

  6. #LiberalChristianity / reasonable faith Sites, to even mainline Protestantism, would have been the better grounding for him.

    : ) contemporary Christian music, a genre which ordinarily sees lukewarm quality.

    The Ellen Show

    Lauren Daigle “(He’s) Still Rolling Stones”

  7. He has been confronted by the Holy Spirit to come out from pretence.If you are not a Christian,you are not a Christian period.You can not be one based on the fact that you are born in a Christian family.Salvation in Christ Jesus is personal.

  8. There’s a lot of singers who got into the industry not in the kingdom, sadly we have preachers too ?

  9. This is what happens when modern churches emphasize music as the most important thing and they set it up as the primary mode of “worship”.

  10. Personally I don’t believe in “Christian rock” “Christian rap”
    It’s worldly music trying to be godly..n well that will never happen. The devil has a counterfeit for EVERYTHING! We do know that he was the choir director and he has pipes built in him. His specialty as Lucifer was music.

  11. The prosperity, and revivalist church movements have dumped many people flat. Sadly they don’t go to a real church, but rather leave.

  12. I mean, look at the guy. Flaming liberal. The liberal worldview isn’t compatible with Christianity.

  13. One sad portion of this was he never once mentioned Jesus or the cross or the Resurrection. His understanding of God is not personal but of some being off in space. Not one of his objections are hard to answer for an apologist. Sad to see another tare among the wheat.

  14. Please read each word in 2 Peter 2:20-22. I used to believe osas but I bumped into way to many scriptures like this one.

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