Knowledge + Understanding +Performance(2) = Wisdom Deeper Thought Ministries (YouTube)…

Knowledge + Understanding +Performance(2) = Wisdom
Deeper Thought Ministries (YouTube)

No matter what anyone may tell you just knowing what the Bible says isn’t enough to reform a man or woman.
I can know all day long word for word what John 3:16 says, but unless I study to truly understand what it means I am left with nothing but ink on a page.
When we study to find the true meaning of the written Word and begin asking God to reveal the truth, then we begin to gain the understanding of the scripture. I have relied on this for years! I’m not content to listen to what another man has to say concerning an interpretation of a verse or chapter. I need to hear from God!
Once we begin to understand it fully, then it is required of us to perform it. Once there becomes a consistent performance from that understanding, then that is the mark of a wise man or woman. That is when we become obedient to God’s perfect will in our own life.
Salvation is indeed an equation, and a challenging one at that. God doesn’t want religion, he wants relation.
Eternal life is the gift of God. But, make no mistake, eternity has two sides. Every man will taste of one or the other.
Knowledge is good, but is incomplete by itself. Understanding is good, but it too is incomplete without performance. All three together complete a man in relationship and fellowship with God through Christ Jesus our Lord and Savior.
Jesus plainly told the people in the Gospels, “If you say you love me, keep my commandments. How can you say you love me and not do the things that I say?”
James 2:19-20…(paraphrased) You believe? That’s good. The devil believes AND TREMBLES. But understand this. Faith without works is dead.
Salvation is by grace through faith, but the mark of a born again Christian will be by his wisdom with works. Otherwise, no one would be able to tell a difference between worldly and godly.
Reformation only comes through obedience.
I love you all.

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