Live from the 2010 General Assembly

Hello everyone, this is my first blog post this year. I’ll admit that I’ve been a slacker and haven’t really felt like there was much for me to say or to put much effort into blogging about. But I’ve now reached a point where I have to blog about something or else I’ll fall off the entire blog “scene” altogether.

First of all, I am very glad to be here in Orlando for the 2010 General Assembly — I am so glad to see our Committee taking action to cut costs by moving the GA out of a stadium and into a multipurpose convention center. Now that I’ve got that out of the way…

While I was looking over the agenda and really trying to figure out what it was all about this year, I noticed an overall theme that I didn’t really enjoy noticing. This theme is the overarching petty nature of the entire agenda; no I am not and will not pick sides publicly on this blog on where I stand on these certain issues, but I am worried to see that we are dealing more with smaller issues of the church rather than the church at large. Before you get angry and start banging out a paragraph or two about how women should be bishops because if we don’t we’re just being bigots; I’d like you to look at the overall maturity of the Church of God…

Lets be honest, the Church of God is not well known for their ministerial education, training or ethics for that matter. When we have men who are committing adultery, stealing money and properties from the church, and cheating on their taxes we have a major problem. My cry for this assembly, and the many that come after this, is that we focus on the heart of men; our men. Our pastors, overseers, Committee members and laity who are pouring themselves not only into the church, but also into the evil and wicked deeds of their souls. Right now we have too many men who are serving two masters, rather than giving their entire self to God, Christ and the Holy Spirit, they’re prostituting themselves to Satan. If only we could get back to where we are giving ourselves entirely to Christ and the grace that saved us. I am worried where we will be if we continue to focus on the small issues of the church. I wish we could first become mature in ourselves and within our local churches before we even think of acting upon other issues of the church.

I’ll restate myself, I am not saying that I am against women or anything else in the agenda. What I am saying is that we have to, once again, get ourselves and our churches aligned with Christ. Rather than configuring God’s churches like businesses we have to reignite them with the understanding that if we aren’t in God’s will and we aren’t trembling with the fear of God, then He has full authority to rip it out of our hands.

In my opinion, we aren’t mature enough as a church to try to tackle the issues within the agenda. Instead of going full-bore into these issues we should be focusing our attention on the inner soul and unity of the church right now and the moral and ethical issues within our churches. I would love to open up the conversation for your opinion; and I just want you to remember that no matter whether we agree or disagree I love you as a Christian brother or sister…

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