Living With Lucy

Last night our family decided to get pizza and go to a movie together. It's been like forever since we all had time to do something like this together. So, we are on our way up to Abingdon to LaRoma's Pizza discussing the absolutely horrible day that Daniel had at work, when all of a sudden Libby jumps and asks, "Does anyone have on a slip on shoe?"  I'm taken back and said "Why do you need a slip on shoe?"  She announces, "there is a black widow spider down here" pointing toward the floor of the van. I told her that she doesn't need a slip on shoe, to just kill it! She said she could not get to it with her foot. So I said, "Are you sure it is a black widow? In the van? That would be pretty odd." She said again that it was a black widow. All the while she is searching for something to kill it with. I again said, "Are you sure it's a black widow?"  She asked, "What does a black widow look like?"  Daniel answered, "They are black with a red hour glass on their back."   "Yep, that's a black widow" she said. 

So, by now, we are all getting a bit excited, and I'm saying, "just kill the thing!" Daniel is saying, "It's going to crawl away and we will have a black widow roaming the van. I'm not going to be riding in here!"  Libby finally grabs a bottle of water and begins pounding like crazy until the thing is not just dead, but is in dozens of tiny pieces in the floor of the van. I asked her why she needed a slip on shoe, and why did not just take off her own shoe to kill the thing. She told me that the shoes she had on were really hard to take off and put on again." I said, "Hello? Black Widow!!!"  Of course we all just laughed at my wife's unwillingness to have to take off her shoe to kill a spider that could kill any of us if it bit us.  Then we began laughing and joking at Libby's "over-kill" when it comes to any kind of insect or bug... and I said again, "that is so odd, a black widow being in the van. Are you sure it was a black widow?" She again says, "Yes, it was a black widow! It was black with a white hour glass on it's back!" Daniel starts laughing and says, "I said RED hour glass mom!"  Libby responds, "All I heard was hour glass."  We all responded that he had said it was a red hour glass.  She was repeated, "All I heard was hour glass."   We all had a good laugh at her. 

Now, those of you that know my wife, you understand. For those of you who do not know her, let me explain, that my wife is a very intelligent woman, but she is prone to moments of lapse or air-headedness.  So much so that one day after one of her exploits, her own mother looked at me and said, "Darrell, what's it like being married to Lucille Ball?"  You just never know what is gonna happen next around our house.

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