Many scholars believe the traditional view that the apostles in…

Many scholars believe the traditional view that the apostles in…

Many scholars believe the traditional view that the apostles in fact wrote new testament books.

The traditional position. It’s what the majority of all the scholars believe for 1800 years until the falling away predicted by Paul. 2 Thess 2

It’s been the majority of the scholars positions for almost 1850 years.

Professor Bruce Metsker educated Bart Ehrman And he was a Bible believing Christian LOL

Martin Hengel, D A Carson, Craig Bloomberg, Rob Bowman, Richard Bauckman, Dr Evan, Donald Guthrie, Richard Baukham, And others like F F Bruce , Frank Thielman, Ezra Abbot, Asting, Gaugler, Grant, Harnack, Haupt, Fenton John Anthony Hort, Klijn, Johann David Michaelis, A. Robert, and André Feuillet, Sanders, Schille, Brooke Foss Westcott, and Theodor Zahn. Raymond Brown, Lee Martin McDonald and Stanley Porter accept traditional position.

We have an eyewitness account coming from Polycarp and his own personal disciple Irenaeus. And also Papias a personal convert of the apostle John and they both tell us the apostles wrote those gospels

As a matter of fact, there are no other names mentioned for some 500 years as to who wrote the gospels other than those four apostles.

Scholar FF Bruce believed the apostles were the writers of the gospels.

He writes:

Early in the second century we find Papias, bishop of Hierapolis in Asia Minor, and Polycarp both converts of the apostle John were gathering information on this….
…. Textual Criticism, because it has to admit a much larger speculative element.
Outside Paul’s own letters, we have most of our information about him from the writings of his friend and companion Luke,
…the author of the third Gospel and the Acts of the Apostles.

Luke was a physician by profession, and according to a tradition which can be traced back to the second century was a native of Antioch in Syria. Some support is given to this tradition by the internal evidence and the external evidence.

History says:

How do we know that Mark wrote the gospel of Mark?
How do we know that Mark recorded the observations of an eyewitness?
The short answer is because Papias (< 70 – c. 155) said so. His 5 books, Papias said “ he heard the voice of John". He would have direct knowledge as to who wrote those books from John the apostle. Anything Papias says is simply corroborated by Irenaeus convert of Polycarp, convert of the apostle John. Polycarp and Irenaeus. - conversed with the apostles - Appointed Bishop of Smyrna by John. - Conversed with people that knew Jesus. Clearly the 500 - Taught the doctrines of the apostles that the church handed down that alone is true down to this present time. 180ad - Mentions Polycarp’s letter to the Philippians. - “I hope you are well versed in sacred scriptures” - Led the apostolic movement to Asia Minor. Eastern Turkey. - Corroborated by the letter to Florinus a heretic. There is zero reason not to believe the testimony of these men that were associated to the apostle John.

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