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Voice of Evangelism-Perry Stone

June 2011 
Christian Greetings from the VOE Media Center!


Perry Stone just concluded a meeting in Baton Rouge and it was phenomenal! Healing Place Arena and Pastor Dino Rizzo exemplified ministry expertise in serving and hosting this awesome conference. It was far beyond anyone's expectations! The Word impacted the listeners and the altars filled up each service with seekers returning to Christ, restoring their fellowship with the Lord and many receiving the Holy Spirit.

For a brief time, we are making the 9 messages from this meeting available on
CD and DVD. The DVDs are some of the best quality we have ever offered as the television team did an outstanding job!

Messages titles include:


Sunday PM - Breaking Satanic Covenants 

Monday AM - Breaking the Power of a Satanic Hedge 

Monday PM - The Weather Factor: the Shaking of Heaven and Earth 

Tuesday AM - The Danger of Aborting the Breakthrough 

Tuesday PM - Recent Events: Preparing for the Kingdom of the Beast 

Wednesday AM - Will the Dragon Devour the Eagle? 

Wednesday PM - Stop Stealing My Future & My Inheritance 

Thursday AM - America: Seven Dangers if We Don't Wake Up 

Thursday PM - Israel: An Inside Look at Second Coming Prophecies 

The CDs contain just the messages and the DVDs contain the messages along with the picture and chart illustrations used by Perry. The CD album is offer 11BA-CD for $60.00 each and the DVD album is offer 11BA-DVD for $110.00 each. I hope many of you will obtain your copy and spend hours receiving the fresh word found in these recent conference messages! These are available from our website using the following links or by contacting the ministry center at 423-478-3456. 


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